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3 Places to See Beautiful Fall Colours in Canada!

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Faria Ali, Grade 10

Fall can undoubtedly be considered the most beautiful time of the year. The remarkable colours and foliage are a true display of mother nature’s beauty. It is an absolute must to get outside during this season and experience the breathtaking views for yourself. Here are three of the best places in Canada to check out the astonishing views!

#1: Algonquin Provincial Park

With just a three-hour drive up north, you can visit the beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park. Not only is it Ontario’s oldest park, but also Ontario’s largest park spread over more than one million acres. With numerous lakes, rivers, forests, and trails, there is tons to do. The exceptional views and bright colours are arguably the best you'll see in the province! Typically, mid-September to mid-October is the ideal time to visit Algonquin Park, in order to get the most out of your experience!

#2: Mont Tremblant

Another stunning place to check out is Mont Tremblant. Although Mont Tremblant is known to be a year-round tourist attraction, it is guaranteed you will have a great time visiting in the fall. Mont Tremblant offers a wide variety of activities for you to enjoy, with the ability to take in the beautiful foliage at the same time. Zip-lining, helicopter rides, gondola rides and hiking, are just a few of the numerous activities available with your visit to the incredible Laurentian Mountains.

#3: Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia is an absolutely stunning place to experience fall. You can walk, bike or drive through the iconic Cabot Trail, or kayak along the beautiful coastline. The numerous lookout points provide astonishing views and scenery of the island. Some of the prettiest sunsets can also be seen at Cape Breton Island, and it is a site that everyone should add to their bucket list!

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