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4 Things You Can Still Do Before Fall Ends!

By Jacob Kranjac

1. Visit Any One of Halton's 8 Conservation Parks

Our 8 conservation parks in the Halton region include Glen Eden, Kelso, Mountsberg, Robert Edmondson, Crawford Lake, Mount Nemo, Hilton Falls, and Rattlesnake Point. There are many trails and lookouts accessible to the public, however you currently need a reservation to go to one of these parks. For the Schitt's Creek fans, have you recognized one of our parks featured in Season 5?!

2. Explore Mill Pond

Visit Mill Pond in Milton. It has epic scenery and several short trails. If you're looking to wander around and never get lost, this is definitely your place. In the heart of the downtown area this place isn't too far away and gives you a bit of a breath from the rest of the city.

3. Visit Chudleigh's

Go to Chudleigh's, located in Halton Hills. This year they are still open, and while certain things may be unavailable and you may be too old to go on the slides, the apple picking is one fall experience that can't be missed. Apple picking at Chudleigh's is amazing because of the diversity of apples they have. I personally recommend the Honey Crisp!

4. Go To Farmers Market

Now there's only 1 farmers market left and it cannot be missed with their diverse, delicious, and locally grown produce. There is not a thing that isn't delicious here. My favourite thing however is that not only do we get delicious produce, we get to support local producers!

2020 has taught us to be creative with how we spend our spare time with our family and friends. Where else have you gone this fall?

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