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5 Black Owned Businesses You Can Support

By Sephrah Luke

  1. Veer Active

Veer Active is a clothing company that produces premium, high-quality, and stylish activewear. This company is unique because the designs on each of their clothing pieces express Afro-culture through beautiful prints, colors, and patterns. Wait, but there's more! Each purchase also goes towards a non-profit organization committed to seeing a change in the world, equality, and inclusiveness. So, go and purchase yourself some activewear from Veer Active. These clothing pieces will leave you feeling confident and more motivated to workout!

2. Castlefield

Castlefield is another unique and interesting brand. You can customize literally anything! Accessories, travel bags, robes, phone cases, home decor, water bottles, laptop bags, you name it! I don't know about you, but I tend to get bored of my room decor quickly. I'm sure most of you can relate to this as well. Castlefield can help with that! Their Instagram has a variety of posts on customizable canvas prints, bed-sets, and pillow-cases. Each design is unique and captivating. If you recently started out your business during quarantine, you can also get your logo and brand name designed by Castlefield. Super cool!! The owner is also an award-winning branding and graphic designer! #blackexcellence

Make sure to check out their Instagram for more information @shopcastlefield.

3. Fly North Toronto (Founder: Deidre Beaumont)

Finally, a business in the GTA! Fly North Toronto is a clothing brand as well as “a movement that exudes positivity, diversity, and unity”(“About.” Fly North Toronto, www.flynorthtoronto.ca/about). Fly North Toronto sells high quality, comfortable, authentic, and in-style clothing. Some of the featured clothing items on their website include tracksuits, sweatsuits, victory shorts, flight socks, polo shirts, and more! Each clothing piece is embedded with the company's branding name; Fly North Toronto (aka FNTO). You will not regret checking this business out!! My personal favourite clothing piece featured on the website is the “Beige and Black Rebirth Sweatsuits” (still saving to hopefully buy this set one day). The best thing about each of the clothing pieces is that you can feel comfortable while still looking fly!

Make sure to check out their instagram and website for more information! @flynorthtoronto

4. Omi Woods

Over quarantine, I’ve developed an interest in jewelry . Omi Woods is a boutique brand that produces and sells the most beautiful and eccentric jewelry I’ve ever seen! They have jewelry for weddings, special occasions, and everyday use. What I love about this business, is that the jewelry is ethically handmade with fair trade African gold. So, no need to worry about unfair labour because this gold supports the well-being of miners, and pays fair-wage! The founder of this business, Ashley Alexis Marcflane, also honours her Jamaican-Ashanti-Maroon heritage through the name of this business. The word “Omi'' means water in the Yoruba language, and combined with woods means land and wood of water. I love to see the incorporation of heritage in a business name!

Go check out their website and instagram for more information on these beautiful jewelry pieces! @omiwoods

5. Twissups

Twissups is a hair and beauty business owned by 16- year old, Zedina Blackhall. She is a young black entrepreneur who recently started her business during the pandemic. She offers hair services, as well as a wide range of products such as jewelry accessories,durags, scrunchies and more. With her talent, she is able to do a variety of hairstyles on all hair types! Her instagram page also provides her customers with tips on how to manage their hair, which I’ve found extremely helpful! There is no doubt that her business will continue to grow and flourish in the future. I’ve decided to conduct an interview with Zedina, and asked 5 questions about her business:

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