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6 Features from the IOS 14 Update

By Zoya Syed

As many of you know, iPhone recently created a new update for their phones and it is a pretty big change. In this article you'll learn about the iOS 14’s new features as well as some tips and tricks for making the most out of this iPhone update.


One of the cool changes from the update is the addition of widgets. Widgets are basically some of your apps like weather, time, reminders, and more that can be shown on your home screen and your app screens. The cool thing about these widgets is that it can show your information quickly and easily. For example, if you need to go out and you are wondering about the weather you can just open your phone and it’ll be shown on your screen. Widgets can come in different sizes and can be put anywhere. Something I found really cool is that you can put pictures on your home screen using widgets, the pictures really make your home screen look more personal. If you're like me and love having your stuff looking aesthetically pleasing you can use apps which will make the widgets look prettier. One of my favourite apps to do this is Widget Smith because it's free, super easy to use and has similar widgets that connect with your apps.

App Library

Another cool feature I really like is the app library. This feature organizes all your apps into their own groups and creates a very neat looking area on your phone. What you can also do is remove apps from your phone screen and when you do they go into the app library. I really like removing them because it helps me declutter all the extra apps I have like games and random apps and lets only the important ones show. Not only can you remove apps but also your home screens. Another thing you can do in the app library is search up your apps so that you can easily find them. You of course can still swipe down and get that search bar but it’s all about preferences.


There have also been many great changes to messages. The first thing they added was the ability to pin certain peoples messages which allows the person’s messages to stay at the top. This makes it easier for people who have multiple conversations going on and can help keep that one person you talk to constantly at the top. As for the looks of the messages, not much has changed but when you pin a conversation the messages become circles instead of the regular rectangle shape it is. Also you can change the name and picture of a group chat. Another new thing is the ability to reply to a message in both group chats and messaging one person. All you have to do is hold on to the message and it gives you the option to reply to that specific message. This is best for group texting because it makes it easier to show that you're replying to what person A said instead of person B.

Picture in Picture

This feature has got to be one of my favourites because of how cool it is. When using this feature you are able to have your show, movie, or whatever your watching on your screen while also using your phone. When watching some Netflix I sometimes get bored and by having this feature I'm able to play a game while watching some TV. You are able to move the box around, make it bigger and swipe it to the side to move it off the screen. 


Siri itself hasn't changed but the look has a lot. Instead of it taking you to its original black screen, a Siri “ball” shows up at the bottom of the screen and what you say shows as a notification.


This is more a tip than a feature, but I’ll be sharing how people are making their screen look pretty and aesthetic. To change how your apps look you want to go to shortcuts, tap on the plus sign, then click add action. After that click open the app then choose the app you want to customize, tap the three dots then click add to home screen, you’re then going to go find the pic of the app you want and save to camera, if you want to be fancier you can make your own app cover. Go back to shortcuts then tap on the icon and click choose photo and pick your pic. After that, click choose then tap add and there you go you now have a new cover pic for your app.

Now that you have learned some of the new features that IOS 14 has will you be downloading it?

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