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6 Small Businesses That are Worth Your Money

By Zoya Syed

You’ve probably always heard people saying how you should support your local small businesses, but have you actually ever done it? Well, now you can learn a little about some of the best small businesses in Milton that are 100% worth your money. To learn about these businesses I asked each of them these six questions:

  1. What do you sell and what is your pricing?

  2. Why did you decide to start this business?

  3. What makes your company more unique from similar businesses?

  4. How has Covid-19 affected your business?

  5. What's your most popular product? What's your personal favourite product and why?

Goggos (@goggos.aa)

  1. I sell customizable shirts and hoodies which can have any phrase, picture, design, and more. My pricing depends on what is ordered.

  2. I decided to start this business because quarantine was boring and I needed to do something with my life.

  3. Something that makes me unique is that my shirts are completely customizable.

  4. Covid-19 did not have a big affect on my business since I create all my clothing in my house

  5. My most popular is a shirt with a character on it. My favourite products are the baby onesies I made.

Custom Trio (@customtrio)

  1. We make handmade customizable items. Some examples are tumblers, album covers, car decals and more. Our prices ranges from $12-$25 depending on the item.

  2. We started this business during quarantine. We were trying to find some ways to pass time and decided we wanted to do some kind of business.

  3. Our business is unique because we make each order according to how the customer wants them. We have many different colours, designs and we’re open to trying new things to satisfy the customer.

  4. We started our business during COVID so we have not been directly affected during this time. However, in order to take precautions we have porch pickup and wear gloves.

  5. Our most popular product is the holographic cold cup specifically in the colour opal. Our personal favourite product is the album covers. It is such an amazing gift idea and looks really good as decor!

Sweet Dreams (@sweetdreamsbakery)

1. We sell cupcakes, truffles, cake-pops, and macarons for $20 a dozen, and then building up for speciality flavours, toppings, and design. The chocolate covered strawberries are $25 a dozen, and our treat boxes start at $25.

2. I’ve had a passion for baking for many many years, and I hope to open up a cafe one day. I thought that a home business would be a great way to step foot into the industry!

3. Our treats are very customizable. We let the customer choose exactly what they want from base to frosting to toppings to mix-and-match for treat boxes.

4. Covid-19 has not really affected our business. Back when cases were lower, versus now, when cases have started spiking up again, our monthly order numbers are roughly quite similar.

5. My most popular has got to be vanilla cupcakes with rose water buttercream. My personal favorite is red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting! The cupcakes have a very pretty base to begin with, so decorating them is quite fun (especially during the holiday season)

Golden Sugar Confections (@goldensugar.confections)

  1. We sell a variety of different desserts, which include: chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, mini cupcakes, Rice Krispie pops, cake pops and cookies. Our prices depend on the designs of our products. We have 3 varieties for each product: classic (simpler & basic designs), specialty (fancier designs, toppings, themed items, etc.) and half & half (assortment of both classic and specialty items). Our prices (per dozen) are the following:

Strawberries & Cupcakes: $25(classic) - $30(half/half) - $35-$40(specialty)

*mini cupcakes are half the price listed above*

Cake & Rice Krispie Pops: $20(classic) - $25(half/half) - $30(specialty)

Cookies: $20-25 (chocolate chip)

1. We have always had a passion for art and dessert making. It started off as a hobby that we both enjoyed and evolved into a business. During the quarantine and the last few months we were also inspired by so many people starting their own businesses doing what they loved. The idea that we could work while still doing what we loved was really cool, so we decided to start our business this summer.

2. I think something that sets us apart is our designs. We do a lot more creative and themed desserts than we’ve seen other similar businesses around us do. We put a lot of time and effort into our products to make them as fun and delicious as possible. Also, we put additional efforts into packaging our products. We incorporate themes, colours and creativity into our packaging to add to the whole experience of purchasing our products.

3. In our case, Covid-19 has not impacted our business as much as it may have for other businesses as our business was started during the pandemic. We haven’t known our business outside of these circumstances so it has not impacted us as much in that sense. However, COVID-19 has controlled the environment and the way that we make our desserts. Now more than ever our safety and the safety of our customers has become an even bigger priority for us. We have implemented things like timer-set hand-washing rules, assessing our health before making orders, wearing masks, being safe in our day to day, and wearing gloves when we can.

4. Our most popular products and favorite are our chocolate covered strawberries, specifically our half/half strawberries. Strawberries are what we originally started with and the most requested products we have. We personally find them delicious and perfect for so many occasions. Also, we love getting creative and coming up with new and different decorations, techniques and designs with these bite-sized desserts.

Lash N Flash (@lashnflash)

1. LashNFlash is a small business which started up in May 2020 but launched September 1, 2020. We provide luxury 3D Faux Mink Lashes in various styles. We use faux mink to avoid using animal hair. At the moment we have two styles: Electra and Temptress. Electra is priced at $16.00 and Temptress is priced at $19.00. There is currently a launch sale so the price is at $8.99 for Electra and $9.99 for Temptress. We plan on expanding the different types of lashes.

2. As a female who uses makeup and understands the struggle of finding the right lash, affordability, quality and comfort, we wanted to create lashes which bring luxury and comfort, something you find in high end lash brands but have the affordability factor. There are times when events come up or you need a pair of lashes urgently, and having a local business in GTA allows you to get luxury lashes without having to go into a high brand store or wait on long shipping!

3. When you purchase from Lash N Flash, you are also supporting women and children in need of your help. A portion of your money goes to Covenant House and Nisa Homes – so not only are you purchasing fabulous lashes, you are also donating to organizations that need your help.

Find out more about Covenant House here: https://www.covenanthouse.org/

Find out more about Nisa Homes here: https://www.nisahomes.com/

4. Lash N Flash is an online small business so there wasn’t any negative effect in losing customers. Since there are not many events happening, people are not inclined to wear lashes as much. Events such as Prom, weddings, graduation etc. being cancelled, it takes away from people needing lashes to buy. Also, people are able to make the one pair of lashes last since it isn’t being used as much. The positive aspect is, this gives the business the time to build its foundation since it has only been two months since the launch.

5. The lashes in the style Electra are the most popular product. These lashes are full and fluffy with a cat eye look. What makes them unique is, we have customers who love them as their daily wear and customers who use them as a glam look for events. The lashes in the style Temptress is my personal favourite. This lash is unique in the sense that you can wear it for many hours in the day, but when it comes time to take it off, it comes off so seamlessly without ripping your lashes or tugging at your skin hard. This lash is a dramatic lash and looks intimidating to wear but customers are often shocked at how perfect it looks to the eye. It’s the perfect lash for a night out!

Use the Coupon code “MILTON60” to receive a 60% discount on Shipping to purchase any style you like!

Boxed With Love (@boxedwithloveee)

1. I sell personalized products and gift boxes. Pricing depends on what is being ordered; Since I'm a business that can customize my products to whatever the customer wants, the price varies for each order. My least expensive item is a keychain that starts at $4 and my most expensive item so far is a gift box for brides, which is $80.

2. My love language is gift giving! I am someone who gives gifts to everyone in my life and has so much fun wrapping and boxing everything. My sister got married last year and I made all of her bridesmaid boxes and they turned out so nice! I have wanted to start a business since then but lacked the courage to do so. A lot of my friends then started small businesses and I felt like I could too, so I did!

3. My goal when creating this business was to encourage gift giving, making gift giving easy and accessible, and make all of my products so they're easy to gift. I believe my products coming prepackaged and ready to be gifted is what makes my business unique.

4. I actually launched my business less than a month ago. I think my business is one of those businesses that are able to thrive during this time. Since people are unable to attend weddings, parties, or meet newly born babies, my products are able to add someone's presence during those special occasions. I just had someone order a Baby Box full of gifts for a newborn baby and the new mom, since she was unable to be present and meet the new baby! Her friend was very grateful and happy about receiving the present- she said it made her feel less alone!

5. My most popular product would have to be the bronze insulated tumbler, personalized in rose gold cursive font! It's very cute and I always think about making one for myself too. My keychains are also very popular. My favorite is the champagne glass set that I just made and they said "ALMOST Mr." And "ALMOST Mrs." On it, for a couple that had to postpone their wedding due to COVID. It was fun to make and it's a cute present during a difficult time that could brighten up someone's day!

Now that you learned about these amazing businesses which one will you be purchasing from next?

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