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A Cold Death

Ashwin Singh, Grade 12

Trigger Warning: Self-harm, depression, and suicide. Please do not continue if you feel this may trigger you.

I look in your eyes and I think I got something in mine

I’m shook as I cry, I blink, thought you said you were fine

In shock as tears fill that hole that you once filled

I thought my fears make me cold, I stand still

Although it may be freezing, I haven’t a clue of the cold

In my eyes, tears seizing, I look at you with such bold

Tragedy facing right back at me, lack of life

Absently hating the life I can’t see, that whole knife

Pierces through your heart, breaks all of your emotions

Fierce, the world goes dark, blood leaks, fills an ocean

Pain is a fickle thing, it can leave you in despair and hoping

Brain with a brittle sting, left to grieve and repair while broken

You played this game, and it's a shame that you ended in pain

You slayed your brain, hope not in vein, body tended with rain

And that life fluid, that spark in your eye

Gone cause knife took it, my world goes dark as you lie

There broken, a puzzle that can never be put back

I’m hopin’ your struggles over, there better be no lack

Of happiness, cause if there is, this pain is a waste

You need a rest, sorrowless, brain in distaste

Cause I’m here on the edge of life and death

That knife and bed, coffin on which my eyes are set

As there is no warmth left, even in summer it will snow

There is no joy rest, though a bummer, I will go

And as that rain freezes and the water turns to ice

As your pain seizes and your slaughter turns to life

Than that rain turns to snow and falls gently on your face

Than my veins pump so slow and God sends me to your place

As the world keeps spinning while mine has already stopped

As it twirls, devils grinning, a star shines, my final thought

I bid farewell to this earth and all the memories it holds

I will see you in heaven, where our warm memories unfold

If you are struggling, please seek help.

Suicide Prevention Line: 833-456-4566

North Halton Crisis Line: (905) 877-1211

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