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A Definitive Ranking of the Best Hot Chocolate Near BR!

Now that the Christmas countdown has officially begun, hot chocolate has become quite the necessity and as students at Bishop Reding, we have quite a few options. That's why the Royal Register has decided to simplify the overall list of selections by ranking all of the offered hot chocolates near BR based on factors of price, bitterness, sweetness, cool time, wait time and proximity. It was definitely a sweet process!

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons sells Traditional Hot Chocolate, as well as White Hot Chocolate. The small is 286 mL.

Price: Small is $1.69

Sweetness: The White is very sweet. The Traditional is sweet as well but not as much.

Bitterness: The White Hot Chocolate has no bitter taste, but the Traditional has a bitter aftertaste.

Cool Time: When we received the hot chocolate, they were both very hot and required about 2-3 minutes to cool down before settling into a drinkable temperature.

Wait Time: Since Tim’s is a very popular and affordable place to go out to for lunch, it is usually pretty busy, resulting in about a 5 minute wait within the line-up. However, the drinks are made very fast and efficiently.

Proximity: With stoplights and such, the overall walk to Tim Hortons takes about 10 minutes.

Pro Tip: Ask for a peppermint teabag with your Traditional Hot Chocolate for an added holiday flavour!

Overall comments: I personally preferred the Traditional Hot Chocolate as opposed to the White Hot Chocolate as I found that the white hot chocolate was too sweet. The white also does not have a chocolatey taste and is more like sweetened warm milk, something I personally would not purchase again. The Traditional Hot Chocolate also has a syrup-like sludge texture at the bottom of the drink, which I enjoy, but may not suit the liking of others. In addition, the service at Tim’s can sometimes be a little slow, although it is almost always accounted for by the immediate drink-making.


Starbucks sells Traditional Hot Chocolate, White Hot Chocolate, and Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate options. The short, which is the smallest size, contains 236 mL of drink.

Price: A short (small) is $3.65.

Bitterness: none are bitter.

Sweetness: The Traditional is enjoyably sweet, the Salted Caramel is definitely on the syrup-y side, and the White Hot Chocolate was the least sweet of all.

Cool Time: The drinks were quite hot and required approximately 1-2 minutes to cool down.

Wait time: The line is usually fairly short, but drinks usually take about 5 minutes to be made

Proximity: With stoplights and such, Starbucks is about a 7 minute walk away.

Overall Comments: The Salted Caramel was overly sweet and I was unable to finish even a short. It also tasted more like caramel and coffee than hot chocolate. Like Tim Hortons, the White Hot Chocolate lacks a chocolate-y taste and has a very definitive coconut milk flavour. The Traditional was my personal favourite as it was sweet but a lot creamier then the Tim Hortons one. It also had an even consistency without any syrup-y or bitter aspects. All drinks came with whipped cream, the Traditional comes with chocolate drizzle, and the Salted Caramel has caramel drizzle and toffee bits on top. A major highlight to Starbucks for those with special dietary restrictions or allegies is that it also provides dairy free options such as soy, almond, or coconut milk.


McDonalds has a Traditional Hot Chocolate. The small is 292 mL.

Price: The small is $2.69

Bitterness: the hot chocolate is not very bitter, until a little at the end.

Sweetness: not too sweet

Cool Time: Ready to drink almost immediately.

Wait time: The drinks were also brought to us almost immediately.

Proximity: The walk is about 15 minutes long, which may be hard to complete with a 40 minute lunch.

Overall Comments: In conclusion, I believe that the best hot chocolate near BR, going from highest to lowest is, McDonalds, Tim Horton’s, and lastly, Starbucks. Although McDonalds is quite a walk, their prices, wait time, and especially taste, were my favourite. Tim’s is second best, as it is very close by, affordable, but because of the business, it comes in second. And lastly, Starbucks. The hot chocolate itself is fairly good, but not for the very expensive price it is sold for.

Final Thoughts...

In conclusion, I believe that the Best Hot Chocolate Near BR award goes to McDonalds, followed by Tim Horton’s, and Starbucks in third. Although McDonalds is quite the walk, their prices, short wait times, and especially taste, caused for it to be my favourite. Tim’s is second best as it is close by and affordable. However, it was ultimately the busy-ness of the location that caused it to place second. With regards to Starbucks, the hot chocolate itself is fairly good quality but it's not worth the very expensive price it is sold for.

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