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A Few First Timers’ Met Gala 2021 Looks

Haniya Kashif, Grade 12

Have a passion for fashion? The Met Gala is held every year as a fundraising event for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute. Hundreds of celebrities each year attend with vogue fashion; each piece of clothing and style explores originality and self-expression. It's an impressive display of how art and fashion are interrelated.

Every year, the Met Gala introduces a new theme on which the celebrities choose their outfits. This year's theme was "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion," to honour the museum's Costume Institute's 75th anniversary. The museum also revealed that they aim to bring forth the variety in modern American Fashion. Thus, the Gala this year acted like a dictionary for new, stylish American fashion. The Costume Institute's Curator in Charge, Andrew Bolton, told Vogue that, "American designers are at the forefront of conversations around diversity, inclusivity, sustainability, gender fluidity, and body positivity" (Vogue), and he wants to exemplify those values at the Gala using this theme.

Look at the ensembles of some celebrities attending the Gala for the first time this year.

Timothee Chalamet

Not only is Timothee the Met Gala co-chair, but he is also making his first appearance at the Met Gala wearing a white Haider Ackermann suit (teenvogue). He is also wearing the white Chuck Taylor All-Stars, Rick Owens white turtleneck underneath his satin Haider Ackermann, and some slouchy white sweats. A blend of all his favourite designers. He tried to go for, in his words, “a bit of everything, that was kind of my homage to Americans,” connecting to this year’s theme.

Emma Chamberlain

This glistening Youtube star is making her First Met Gala appearance in a gold Louis Vuitton dress featuring the numerous cutouts with makeup by Byredo. Nicolas Ghesquière customed her Louis Vuitton shoes and dress for her to fit the "In America: A Lexicon of Fashion" theme. She paired her '70s look with hoop earrings and green eyeshadow. It is safe to say she loves the dress because she says that "this has been my best friend for the past 48 hours. Like I've seen her quite a few times, but it's like our wedding day today… me and her's wedding day."

Amanda Gorman

Amanda says that she is "so fortunate that [her] first Met Gala [she is] also co-chairing… [she] just [feels] so privileged to be able to have that experience [at the Met Gala]". Amanda is a poet, and she is wearing an alluring, vibrant blue Vera Wang dress, paired with a book-shaped clutch, matching blue heels, and diamond and sapphire earrings (Town &amp). The clutch says, "give us your tired," referencing the Statue of Liberty to tie the theme into her look. In her hair, she is wearing a laurel headpiece with respect to the word "poet laureate," with many hand-set Swarovski crystals from Jennifer Behr.

Lil Nas X

This rapper chose to go above and beyond with his look, or should I say, looks. A very dramatic ensemble indeed, custom-designed by Donatella Versace. One extravagant outfit was not doing it for him, so he slayed three. He started with the royal-like cloak, which he says symbolizes how "we [start] in our shell." Then he takes off his cloak to reveal a gold armour piece, representing the "break out of [the shell] a little more. It's kind of like me when I got into the industry; nobody knew who I was… [so] I built this shield around myself." Lastly, the sequined one-piece is the final breakdown showing the "real him" symbolizing his coming out to the world.

Billie Elish

She made sure that her first appearance at this event was one to remember. Her look channels Old Hollywood as she symbolizes Marylin Monroe in her Oscar de la Renta gown. They capture that old Hollywood glamour that she wanted to represent in the dress through the massive ball gown using a nude color tool with beautiful intricately laced up chiffon (americanvogue). She says in an interview, "...big dresses were my favorite thing when I was a kid. I had so many dresses I would wear every single day. It's really body image that tore that down." She "took all [her] inspiration from all the dresses [she] loved growing up," and used those to define this dress.

Olivia Rodrigo

2021 was Olivia's big breakout year which continued with her first Met Gala. She is wearing a sheer lace, all-black Saint Laurent catsuit inspired by American Punk music, and she accessorized the catsuit with dramatic diamond dangle earrings. Olivia says in an interview, "I'm just a big fan of Saint Laurent. I think their clothes are so punk rock, yet feminine, and that's something that I always like to try to achieve in my fashion sense and just my style in everyday life. So I think they do that so well." Even for her hair and makeup, they went for a cool and classy, structured eye with some punky energy and a snatched and spiky, structured updo, going for the rock and roll yet sophisticated look.

Naomi Osaka

This tennis star is wearing a custom Louis Vuitton gown that paid tribute to both her Haitian and Japanese heritage, according to Vogue (Insider). She helped design the dress with designer Nicolas Ghesquière and her sister Mari who designed the multicolored koi fish print. Mari says, "The design we ended up creating speaks to our biracial heritage, and in that, I believe it really celebrates who we all are and how we all play a role in the American Dream. It's a celebration of cultures, like America itself, a melting pot of so many special and unique elements." This message of theirs ties in nicely with the theme of the night as well. The very original hairstyle works well with the very original dress, and the red belt in the dress compliments the red in the hair very well.

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