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A Seamless Way to Organize Your Life

By Aqsa Rehman

I started using the fully digital planner, Notion, around a month ago when I stumbled upon a Youtube video on my recommendations page which led me down the Notion rabbit hole. I soon discovered that Notion was sort of like a digital bullet journal or a planner. And the best part? It’s completely customizable, and a perfect application to plan your life while also showcasing your personality.

So naturally, I had to check it out myself and see if it would be a tool I might find helpful using in my everyday life. After watching a few detailed tutorials on how to use Notion, I decided that it was something that could prove to be useful. In the beginning, it was a little difficult navigating the website’s interface but after a few practice sessions just playing around with its features I was finally able to figure out what works for me.

I found that the to do list feature was something extremely helpful for me to categorize my tasks from most to least important. Similarly, I was also able to change the status of my tasks from incomplete, complete and even currently working on. I found that my productivity dramatically increased after I started planning out my days on Notion.

Personally, I think using a digital planner helps keep me more organized and everything is neatly placed under certain categories. There are also unlimited creative options to customize your planner the way you want which I think is a bonus.

I use my planner mostly for school and with the new quadmester I’ve already begun planning out assignments that I need to complete. My overall layout for my school notion divides my courses into separate sections and within each section is a page dedicated to the specific course. I usually add things like my teacher’s names, their emails and important dates to remember within the course.

I’ve also created a table with assignments and their due dates so I never lose track of when things are due.

I think that using Notion has also helped me stay motivated to complete my assignments and tasks. There’s something just so fulfilling when clicking the complete button or checking off a task even if it’s digitally. I’m also able to change the status of tasks I’m completing and I find myself more willing to do my everyday tasks when it’s being tracked.

If you’re reading this and think Notion is something that could benefit you I definitely suggest watching in-depth Youtube videos that better explain all the features. There are a few videos that really helped me out when I was first discovering the website. These are a few that I highly recommend;

It’s a tool that is helpful for anyone wanting to increase their productivity, from students to adults Notion is perfect for organizing.

I hope everyone can find ways to be motivated and organized for the rest of the school year! Learning online isn’t easy but I hope that using Notion can help everyone with school even just a little bit.

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