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Air and Water Pollution- The Reality

By Zayan Mirza

The Reality

In economically developed countries, as well as those that are still developing, the scarcity of purified water and air is one that threatens all of humankind. To begin, air and water pollution harm humans by weakening their immune system and purging their bodies with pollutants, bacteria, and diseases, the combination of which cumulatively corrupts one's body. Without localized and quality medical care, people die.

Third world country conditions are a prime example of the effects of air and water pollution. An obvious hub of air pollution is quite simply, major cities. The impacts of their densities present in terms of humans and industrialized machinery whose bi-product to labour is CO2 consumed cities. But metropolitan cities are not the largest crisis-related to air pollution when compared to third world countries as a whole.

The Main layer in Air and Water Pollution

Practices of outsourcing have taken over the production market and created havoc in places where it happens. Outsourcing is the practice of reducing manufacturing costs by physically locating production centers in less developed countries. This makes labour and parts costs significantly cheaper. Countries that are outsourced tend to be third world countries since other nations can take advantage of their growing economies. They have a lot of production centers shelling out massive quantities of consumer products each day. As large production quarters require immense amounts of energy facilitation, extreme amounts of steam coal are combusted. All this coal combustion is the leading source of deaths by air pollution in China. China is one of many examples of countries that are ruled by company outsourcing and air toxicity. Unfortunately, air toxicity and pollution due to CO2 do more than kill. Their harmful effects destroy the Earth and climate, creating a negative feedback loop of issues that threaten humanity. The degree of water damage by plastic is also considered significant.

The Feedback Loop

Plastic constituents take over thousands of years to start the process of degrading and becoming one with the Earth. People in third world countries dump plastic everywhere: streets, shops, and besides their houses. I have first-hand experience in witnessing this action as I have been to Pakistan, where dumping plastics is a common exercise. With no proper drainage system, the streets flood and carry plastic everywhere, sometimes right into oceans and major water supplies. With pollutants in the water that people drink in these countries, their bodies are harmed once more.

The main groups of people that water and air pollution influence are all third-world countries and major western cities. The political significance of this issue is in regards to the people it has an effect on, again, the people and the working class that is in poverty


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