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Animal Abandonment

By Angelina Cochrane

In 2018 about 111, 000 animals were found and brought to shelters in Canada (Humane Canada, 2018). This is a huge amount of pets who were abandoned by their owners and had nowhere to go. Only under 50% of these pets are adopted (Humane Canada, 2018). This is an issue that needs to be stopped.

Below are 3 stories of pets who were abandoned in this sort of way. However, none made it to the shelter. Instead they were taken in by the families or friends of the kind person who found them.

Sous Sous

Meet Sous Sous! Her owners think she’s a mix of a miniature pinscher and another breed, however, no one is certain. In Pemberton, British Columbia Michaela Opper was walking to the grocery store when she spotted 7 puppies abandoned in a ditch. When she came out there was only 1; the runt.

“Since one of our dogs had recently passed away, she decided to give her to us” shares Deb, Michaela’s mother.

“My granddaughter named her Sous Sous because that's what she called her soother. Sous Sous has become one of the nicest and cuddly dogs, she's a small dog with a big heart!”


Meet Maxine! She’s a husky, and Sous Sous’ best friend. In February 2018, Ken Opper (father to Michaela and husband to Deb) was walking Sous Sous at Crawford Lake Conservation Area.

“It was almost dark and Ken brought home Sous Sous asking for a knife, flashlight, leash and collar” says Deb. “He had seen a white animal caught in brambles. He was not sure if it was a dog or fox, but whatever it was, it had to get free. Ken came home carrying a white puppy with its arms wrapped around his neck. We took her to the vet the next morning, she had no chip and no collar. Someone had abandoned her.”

Deb and Ken posted flyers and notified the local vets and shelters. No one came forward. They were told they could keep her after 72 hours. “We noticed Maxine loved the car so she must have been in one before. She knew some basic commands: sit, stay, paw.”

Over the next few months Maxine destroyed most of the couples house furniture. However, after a few years of training and practice, Maxine became the most “adorable and obedient dog.”

Bun Bun

Meet Bun Bun! Her owners think she may be a mix between a Jersey Wooly and Angora rabbit. Last summer she was found in Campbellville, on the side of the road in a box. “She was then brought to our friend Katie’s house, as the person who found her was someone she knew. Katie kept her on her farm for a few days, then realized she was most definitely a house pet. My daughter Victoria had always loved bunnies, so I brought her to the farm to see her. When she did she fell in love” shares Jeanne, Bun Buns owner.

After a lot of convincing, Victoria managed to bring Bun Bun to her forever home!

“We took her to the vet and we found out Bun Bun was deaf. This makes her extra cuddly and less skittish! Bun Bun loves her life and becomes more and more trusting to us everyday.”

In conclusion, all of these pets were lucky to find owners who love and care for them. Many pets do not get this lucky and end up in a shelter. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you can no longer support your pet, please find a good home for them instead of resulting in abandonment.


Humane Canada

Photos by: Angelina Cochrane.

Stories provided by: Deb Opper & Jeanne Segato-Cochrane.

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