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At Kelso Park

Dima Mohammed, Grade 9

Welcome to Kelso Park, where there is something for everyone! Kelso Park is a very famous attraction in Milton where you can do many activities. Such as canoeing, hiking, picnicking, camping, challenge courses, biking, and more! I welcome you to the park in these pictures, where you see a fantastic view of the light hitting the ground when the shade ends under the trees. When you reach the bare cliffs outside the dark forest, you see the frightening height but an amazing view of the man-made Kelso Lake. On the trail, you see the entrance to the forest and the beautiful nature in front of your eyes. This park allows you to have a break from life and just enjoy the nature around you. It is proven that nature improves your mental health, so why not take a break in the beautiful forest of Kelso park and relax your mind while hiking. It is an amazing place that allows you to have an extraordinary time in nature. Spending just 2 hours in these mountains relieves your body of the stress and pressures of life. I know that many people are trying to improve their mental health during these times. The best place to do that is in nature, specifically Kelso park. I hope to see you there someday!

(Pictures are located below)

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