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Autumn Evenings

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Archana Giridharan, Grade 9

Autumn evenings

Always ready for fall

Fall breeze and autumn leaves

My image description:

The theme of my submission is “An Autumn Evening”. These photos represent a casual evening in the greater Toronto area. While taking Photo one, my point of view towards this photo was to portray an evening coffee in a soothing environment on a cold day. Photo two has greater significance to the theme, “fall day,” because it represents the fall weather aesthetic. It shows a cloudy day outside a warm and dark interior, locked away from the cold. Finally, photo three signifies a windy autumnal elopement. Also, the elements colour and value are distinct in this photo. For example, the colour in the trees evoke the fall mood of this photo. The photo displays value because it mapulates the value through exposure control.

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