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Be Your Best Self in Quarantine

By Angelina Cochrane

Staying well physically and mentally may be hard during quarantine; no open gyms, less access to stores and not being able to see people are only a few of the factors that can affect your health. In this article, I will share tips and tricks to keep you as healthy as can be!

Mental Health and the Pandemic

This pandemic has had effects on tons of people's health worldwide. Why may you ask? Here are a few reasons…

Whether you are moving to online school or work the change of routine can be hard to deal with. Many students have had struggles with e-learning and were praying for permission to go back to school again. Your home may not be suitable for online learning/work, or you may not have the motivation to put in the effort while in the comfort of your home.

Your personality type is also a huge factor to how you feel while in quarantine. Extroverts enjoy socializing and would much prefer seeing people than staying home. This makes the staying home extra hard and may resort to them having poor mental health. Whereas introverts do not prefer socializing as much and would rather be alone, a perk that comes with quarantining.

What can you do to be as Mentally Healthy as possible?

Creating a routine can greatly help your mental health! Take a look at what you enjoy and what your responsibilities are, and develop an organized schedule with the times you would like to do things, even make it colourful and fun!

Find hobbies and interests. During quarantine I have found interest in things I wouldn't even think about doing last year. Things like crafting, gardening, cooking and playing sports are just a few things you could try while you are at home. Step out of your comfort zone and find something you really enjoy!

Finally, though this may be hard, keep in touch with family and friends. I can't stress this enough. Your texts, phone calls or facetime could be the reason someone smiles that day. Even simple things like sending a TikTok or bitmoji to friends and family can be an easy to do that could make them laugh! Talking to someone can benefit both the mental health of yourself and the person you are talking to!

Physical Health and the Pandemic

Maybe your favourite gym or restaurant is closed and you have lost motivation to work on your physical health. You may be in a poor mental state but here are 6 tips that can help you get back into tip top shape!

What can you do to be as physically healthy as possible?

Drink water! Drinking water may seem like a difficult task however our body needs water to survive! While staying home, try and drink water regularly... and not just when you are thirsty. To help make drinking water a regular part of your day, try adding fruit, lemon or lime into it!

Get some sleep! I know being a teen myself that this is challenging, we need to get in the last episode of our favorite show or finish the last round of our favorite video game. However, you should try and get some sleep. This can help keep your mind sharp and ready for the next day.

Do some cooking! Planning and preparing your favorite foods can help with your health! Eating homemade cookies is much better than eating the ones from the store. Experiment in the kitchen! See what you enjoy making and find a healthy meal plan for your week.

Move Everyday! From online workouts to taking your puppy out for a walk, anything that gets your blood pumping is beneficial to your body! Find something that you enjoy and keeps you active and try to do it everyday!

Practice mindfulness! Take time for you, put on a facemask or watch your favorite movie! Also be mindful of the other people around you, being locked at home can bottle up a lot of emotions. Try not to take them out on others, as it can make them feel bad about themselves.

Finally, eat the rainbow! Try and fill your plate with colourful and healthy foods. Eating healthier can help both your mental and physical health. If you have already had lots of carbs (yellow or brown foods), try and fill your plate with more green foods such as lettuce or cucumbers!

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