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Binge Worthy TV Shows to Watch

Musa Bin Hammad, Grade 12

Sitting at home staying warm and will have nothing to do. Here is a list of a few great shows to keep you entertained from the comfort of your house while it's chilly outside.

Brooklyn 99:

A comedy show that centers around a police department’s staff and how they navigate through various obstacles they face throughout their day-to-day work. Despite being a comedy show the writers don’t shy away from hard topics such as how the police have been treated by people since early 2020 when the Black Lives Matter protests began. With the eighth and final season having just dropped, now is the perfect time to get caught up and watch the show. Overall it is a great show with a very talented cast; watching how Jake Peralta and his coworkers solve cases is very entertaining and is a great way to pass time.

Squid Game:

This Korean-based show has taken the world by storm in recent weeks, and is all that people can talk about. The show follows the main character Seong Gi-Hun and how he joins a

mysterious game show, desperate to get his life back together and earn money. The show takes a dark turn when Gi-Hun finds out that losing a challenge results in the player getting killed. The show is on track to becoming the most streamed Netflix show of all time, and definitely lives up to the hype. Despite the language barrier, Squid Game managed to amass a huge audience from around the world. People usually avoid watching shows that aren't in English as they dont like the subtitles, or the dubbed version due to the poor voice acting, but the success Squid Game has found has opened the door for people to start watching more movies and shows with a different language from theirs.

Peaky Blinders:

If you’re someone that enjoys shows with a serious tone, this is the perfect watch for you. Set

in the early 1900s, Peaky Blinders is about a gang in Bermingham, England. The show focuses on the protagonist, Tommy Shelby, and how he leads his gang full of family members to a

better life by risking his own trying to gain money

and status. With the sixth and final season of the show dropping sometime next year, there is plenty of time to get caught up with what the Peaky Blinders are up to.

The Umbrella Academy:

Umbrella Academy is a show about 43 women who randomly give birth on the same day to

children with supernatural abilities. A famous billionaire decides to pay them, and manages to adopt seven of them and trains them to control their abilities. Eventually, the children decide to go their separate ways, until their adoptive fathers death brings them back together. The show does a great job of showing how the siblings rekindle their bond after a long time while trying to solve the mystery of their fathers death. The Umbrella Academy is full of twists and turns no one expected. Overall the show is a great watch, and the third season is coming out early next year.

The 100:

The 100 is a show set in a future where humans have destroyed the planet and are forced to

survive in space. The story begins when teenager Clarke Griffin and others her age in “prison” were sent back to earth to test out if the air was finally clean enough for humans to return. There was a dictatorship in the spaceship they were living on and even the slightest bit of rebellion led to a person being thrown off the ship, minors however were kept in prison and their case was re-evaluated when they turned 18. It was later decided however that they would all be used as guinea pigs instead to test out the air quality on Earth. Upon arriving on Earth, they lose contact with the others in space, and are forced to survive on their own. The show's 7th and final season aired last year and had a very different ending than that of most shows. The huge success of the show can partially be due to the writers being very bold with their storytelling and exploring topics that not many others do.

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