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BR's Dance Team Participates in First Showcase!

Congratulations to Bishop Reding's dance team for a moving performance in their first ever showcase!

On Wednesday March 6th, the Dance Team competed in the "Dream to Dance" Charity Showcase at M.M. Robinson High School in Burlington, Ontario, inside the LPB Community Theatre.

The overall goal of the showcase was to unite the community together through a shared love of dance. Proceeds raised from the event were donated to the Travelling Tutus Organization - a non-profit group which seeks to collect and donate dance costumes and attire to less fortunate children around the world.

Lead by Ms. Gravina, Ms. Ellerson, Ms. Komow, and Mlle Pernar, Bishop Reding's dance team was one of four which competed. Ultimately, over 70 students danced within the showcase and 200+ staff and students gathered to support the dancers in the theatre.

"They danced incredibly well," commented a Bishop Reding staff member in attendance.

The Dance Team can be found tirelessly rehearsing their moves Thursdays after school. We congratulate them on their successful performance at M.M. Robinson and wish them the very best for their upcoming competition on April 2nd!

All the dancers (feat. our Bishop Reding girls in red!)

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