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Trustee Caratao's Week in Review - January 12-18

By Davin Caratao

Hey BR, Davin Caratao here.

You may know me as the guy on the announcements, but I also moonlight as the North Halton Student Trustee on the HCDSB Board of Trustees. Fulfilling an election promise, I’ve begun to record the various transpirings of the board of trustees meetings I attend. So why not start now? The policy meetings are where policies the board will vote on in the regular board meetings are drafted and amended.

Just last Tuesday on the 14th, the Board’s policy meeting was held. The most noteworthy event at this meeting were the amendments made to Policy III-17, which governs the School Climate Surveys. You may remember during fifth period a few months back, a permission form was handed out in order to be allowed to participate in a survey on what you thought about our school climate. The policy at hand, as proposed by the board’s Educational Researcher Dr. Lisa Collimore, would involve making the permission for the survey opt-out, which is to say, you’d have to sign if you don’t want to do the survey.

Some minor clarification changes were also made to policies regarding donations to the school and the board, student transportation from home-to-school, and in-school fees, including civvies and the yearbook fee at BR. The Board also voted to hire somebody to advise regarding the by-laws of the board. An administrative decision was made where the upper limit for board and school scholarships was raised from $1000 to $2000. The minutes and a video recording of the meeting will be available on https://www.hcdsb.org/Board/Pages/MeetingInformation.aspx and https://youtu.be/R6TijvfoWvE

Last Thursday, there was also a uniform consultation at St. Peter CES, where many parents and a few students voiced their concerns about the Board’s Uniform Provider. The Board has sent out a survey for parents, and especially students, that you can submit here: http://bit.ly/HCDSB-2020UniformSurvey-Students.

Stay tuned for more updates, and if you guys ever have any questions or ideas on what you’d like to see changed or implemented in our school and board, you can email me at CarataoD@hcdsb.org, or DM @isitdavincaratao on Instagram.

Davin Caratao has been a contributor to the Royal Register since its formation, and serves as the student trustee of the Halton Catholic District School Board for the 2019-2020 School Year.

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