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"Did You Ever Ponder?"

By Mustafa Siddiqui

Did you ever ponder, that there would come an hour

In which human beings would have no power

Over an enemy that we can’t even see

One which would cause panic and uncertainty

Cars are parked and planes are grounded

Within our homes, we have been bounded

It must feel weird, for us at least

That this microscopic beast

Has changed the way we live our lives

No more handshakes and no more high fives

As people anxiously wait in their homes

We see a difference in the world’s biomes

Fish are swimming in Italy’s clear water

Deers cross streets and there's no one to bother

As factories halt mass production

We see a great carbon reduction

Pollution in our air has decreased

Environmental destruction has somewhat ceased

Doctors, nurses, and front line workers

Are taking care of patients across the world’s borders

The numbers are larger than what they have ever seen before

For every patient they cure, in the waiting room, there are 2 more.

These days at home, this time alone

Helps us realize what few of us had known

We must be grateful for opportunities today

Because tomorrow they can be taken away

We pray to God that we are able to look back

And say this situation put us on the right track

For if it takes you closer to your lord

Then certainly for you, it’s a great reward

Although times are tough, let’s not succumb to fear

God willing, united we will persevere

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