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DIY Christmas Decor Ideas!

By: Irma Ahmed

With Christmas just around the corner, the plaid table mats, mistletoes, glitter ornaments, and twinkle lights are coming along with it. As Santana Lopez once said, “I want bling. I can’t be any more specific than that.” This year, those words have added significance. Whether you’re celebrating within your bubble, or virtually with a few friends, we can all agree that the decorations are the beginning of all the cheer. Decorating for the holidays is not just about sticking up ornaments and mistletoes, it’s about coming together as a family and reflecting the Christmas spirit on the walls of our houses. With celebrations brought down to the bare minimum, many people have decided to open presents and call it a day- if that’s the case for you, read ahead and you might just change your mind.

There’s always a personal memory attached to decorating, whether it’s pulling out the Christmas tree the night after Halloween, or arguing with siblings over who gets to place the star on the tree. No pandemic should stop that, in fact, we should work even harder to bring the Christmas spirit because we have so much to be grateful for, from the food on our table all the way to the PPE equipment we can afford. Not everyone can afford lavish sleighs or a Christmas tree- and you don’t need to! We have prepared 3 easy Christmas crafts that are seemingly simple, but might just add that splash of Christmas spirit you were looking for.

1. Tea Light Snowmen

Need a snowman that won’t melt? Try out these super affordable tea light snowmen! Not only will they go along with the snow on Christmas morning (fingers crossed), but it’s a perfect way to utilize the tea lights our parents bought instead of letting us light the real ones.

Get the instructions at One little project

2. Sweet Candy Cane Wreath

Perhaps one of the best memories from my Christmas was buying 100’s of candy canes, and handing them out to my classmates. Some would prefer the minty ones, while others preferred the tutti-frutti flavour. Although we can’t continue this tradition for now, candy canes should not be forgotten! With the $2 candy cane packs from dollarama, you can make this beautiful wreath and have an after christmas snack!

Get the tutorial at Martha Stewart

3. Colourful Christmas Village

With Christmas at home this year, what better way to

spread the cheer than create a village, literally! With only a few extra dollars, and a few old bird houses, turn any shelf into a winter wonderland.

Instructions at studiodiy

Have you found any DIY’s you might try? If you did, remember to take a picture and send it to @theroyalregisterbr on instagram. Happy Decorating!

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