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Do BR Students Want to go Back Online? Students Speak Out

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Laaibah Nadeem, Grade 11

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Schools have continuously adapted to Covid-19 protocols but are students satisfied? Today, we have two grade 11 students from Bishop Reding who would like to share their experience these past eighteen months. Emily Lambert, who is currently learning in-person and Zara Shahid, an online learner, both have a lot to say about the challenging situation.

Now I would like to start by asking, how did in-person learning affect your mental health?

Emily: Although going to school in person has motivated me to keep learning, I feel that it is at times, stressful and anxiety-inducing, considering the previous isolated year. Students are still transitioning to normal social interactions. On the other hand, I really liked meeting new people and I feel more lively. I am able to more actively participate in class and communicate with others. I also feel happier with my schedule and grades.

How did online learning affect your mental health?

Zara: I would say that, honestly, the transition from learning in person to online wasn’t that detrimental to my mental health. While learning online, I got to connect more with my family and friends. I also had a lot of time to explore my personal interests and discover new hobbies. So, for me, online learning has actually been a pretty great experience overall. However, there are certain aspects of in person learning that cannot be replicated online. Relationships with teachers and other students seem a little strained online.

Would you consider yourself more academically successful as an online or in-person student?

Emily: I am more academically successful in-person. I think that I am understanding the content on a deeper level. I feel productive and motivated as I work with classmates. I am also more intrigued during lessons, where I can easily connect with the teacher. I would even say that I am able to finish my work because there are less distractions.

Zara: Personally, I think that I’m more academically successful in-person than online. There are definitely more distractions learning at home. Learning in person allows for more interaction with peers and with teachers, which I think in turn improves grades.

Are you planning to return in-person or online next quadmester?

Emily: I would like to go in-person next quad! Overall, it is an engaging atmosphere, nothing can replace the school environment. I think I’m learning more than I ever did online and I love meeting all my teachers and friends. Although I do feel tired at times, I think that in-person school prepares me for my post secondary career. I also feel that it helps everyone transition back to normal from the long isolated year.

Zara: Next quad, I want to go back to learning in-person. I think this year’s school plan is much better than last year’s. The elimination of cohorts makes the schedule much more manageable. I believe that in person school will help us have a somewhat normal school year. Of course, I am also looking forward to meeting my friends and teachers. Academically, it is easier to complete tasks and to participate more actively as an in-person student.

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