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Doorways Opened to the STEM Field at Bishop Reding’s Conference

Contributing Writers: Adya Dutt, Sarah Javed, Tanishka Baratam, Hillary Moscoso

Photographers: Musa Hammad, Itteba Gilani, Haniya Kashif, Aditi Kansal, Hillary Moscoso

Article Compilation by: Thirandie Semage

The Bishop Reding STEM Conference was an afternoon of intrigue, exploration-based learning, student leadership and fantastic participation from the Bishop Reding community.

The Royal Register had the exciting opportunity of documenting this event, with a team of contributing writers and photographers attending the conference to record the details.

A Look Behind the Scenes

The afternoon of learning was organized by Bishop Reding’s own STEM team, with members taking on various leadership and organizer roles. The event was mainly situated in the library, cafeteria and auditorium.

Photography by Musa Hammad

The Royal Register’s contributing writer Adya Dutt is also a member of the STEM Team. Adya gives an in-depth overview of the behind the scenes of the conference:

“The STEM Team students chose a sector that they were interested in, with the options being Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Over the course of 6-7 weeks, STEM Team members organized the materials, tested or created the final products, designed a handout for event participants to refer to, and practiced delivering their workshop. Additionally, the Co-Presidents and Staff Advisors spent many hours refining logistics like schedules, funding, emails, and administration approval.”

The afternoon consisted of a variety of STEM-based activities, a few being the AI Image Recognition Workshop, a Roller Coaster Designing activity, an International Trade Game, a Magnetism activity, the Master Chef Egg Drop and a scavenger hunt.

AI Recognition Workshop

Adya was also one of the workshop organizers for the AI Image Recognition Workshop.

Here is Adya’s experience as a workshop facilitator:

“As one of the organizers of the AI Image Recognition workshop, we decided to focus on computer vision and AI because these topics are currently extremely popular in the technology industry. However, in our school curriculum, there is little to no content surrounding these topics. Taking inspiration from my experience in making last year’s STEM Team video about facial recognition, I used my prior knowledge to code a model that can detect the character ‘Waldo’ in ‘Where’s Waldo’ puzzles.”

At the workshop, the STEM team discussed the importance of this workshop to real-world topics and Adya highlighted their conversation about “possible career options in AI as well as the implications of AI in things like privacy.”

Participants of the AI Recognition shared positive responses to the event. When asked about the beneficialness of this workshop, Kartik Peddada, a grade 10 student, shared their thoughts, saying, “I feel like it is beneficial. Technology is rapidly expanding and students will also need to learn these things through workshops like these.”

Photography by a Royal Register Member

The STEM Scavenger Hunt

One of the other notable events present at the conference was the Scavenger Hunt, explored by Register writer Hillary Moscoso.

Hillary provides her experience at this event stating:

“I followed along with three different rounds of the scavenger hunt event. There were two teams, however, only one could succeed. They had to work together to solve math problems to receive hints and complete the game by solving riddles and running circles around the school. Whichever team made it to the final destination first, would earn a prize of a king-sized chocolate.”

“It was quite exhausting running around the school to follow up with the teams, and the questions came as challenges, but it was overall an amusing experience, and to the lucky ones that won, it was all the more worth it to enter the final room and find Kit Kats and Smarties waiting for them.”

Hillary’s full recount of the memorable STEM conference event can also be found on the Royal Register website.

Photography by a Royal Register Member

The Roller Coaster Designing and Magnetism Workshop

Tanishka Baratam, a grade 9 contributing Register writer, collected details about various other workshops including the one about Roller Coaster Designing workshop and Magnetism.

The roller coaster workshop was a competition between two teams, each faced with the task of creating a roller coaster with the slowest velocity. Tanishka captured participant reactions stating that they “were fully engaged in their product” and “engaged in critical and creative thinking”. Her reflection of the event mentioned that “problem-solving, perseverance, and some friendly competition all made this workshop worthwhile.”

Photography by Aditi Kansal

Tanishka was also present at the Magnetism workshop. This event involved a “hands-on activity, where participants were taught how to create DC Motors.”

A quick look around at the participants made it clear that “they were inspired and in awe of the different facts and the interesting experiment.” She mentioned that the rewarding aspect of this experiment was present, as “participants were pleased and excited … when the motors would work and the wires would spin.”

Photography by Itteba Gilani

Workshop Photography by Royal Register Members:

Egg Drop Activity, photography by Aditi Kansal

Interviewing the STEM Team

Contributing writer, Sarah Javed, was also able to chat with the student leaders behind the event. She interviewed Isabelle Lobo, the instructor of the Master Chef Egg Drop Activity who mentioned, “... the conference was such an important initiative to us. As an organizer of the science-based activity, we wanted to display how learning does not have to be just memorizing numbers, formulas, and chemicals. It can be experiments, competitions, and so much more.”

The Egg Drop Activity, photographed by a Royal Register Member

Sarah also talked to Krishna Gowda, the instructor of the engineering sector. He expressed his satisfaction with the Magnetic Trains workshop results stating, “throughout our preparation process, we had lots of fun experimenting with new concepts and trying new things! We learnt that magnets are very powerful devices that have many uses in our everyday lives.”

Sarah also received a statement from Asadullah Chaudhry, one of the Co-Presidents of the STEM Team: “STEM is so much more than numbers and complex equations, and our instructors showcased that beautifully. Each workshop was intricately designed to give students a taste of each STEM field. Our instructors and teacher advisors put in countless hours preparing these workshops and they are the reason the conference was so successful.”

The 2021-2022 STEM Conference was a fantastic celebration of student initiative and a starting point for many in their exploration of the exciting field of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

A complete album of STEM Conference photography, captured by Register photographers, will be made available soon on our website.

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