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Easter Artwork

By Alicia Storti

To commemorate last week’s Easter celebration, the Visual Arts classes created a collection of art pieces to help spread the Easter spirit! All of these designs are truly individual works of art that showcase the symbols, feelings and teachings we experience during this time of the year. By using art mediums ranging from pencil to ink, these students have exceeded all egg-spectations!

The students have clearly represented many different aspects of the Easter season by creating fantastic designs that feature Catholic and modern traditions. During this time of year, it is easy to get wrapped up in the idea of egg hunts, or baskets of chocolate and sweets from the Easter bunny, but these pieces remind us of what Easter is truly about. One artist has illustrated the image of Jesus and the cross, with a bold font displaying the statement: “He has risen”. This design demonstrates the death and resurrection of Jesus that we are reminded of during the Easter season. Another student has created a beautiful illustration of the cross and flowers in front of a warmed toned skyline. This piece uses Easter colours and the symbol of the cross to remind us of the Catholic origins in a simple and effective manner.

It is also important to represent modern traditions of Easter as they are what helps to make the Easter season feel so magical and enjoyable! One artist has a stunning composition that has a stain glass look to it. Bordering the bottom of the piece is vibrant green foliage, and in the center, there is an egg-shaped illustration of a bunny in a basket, surrounded by festive eggs. This piece demonstrates the symbols we see around us during Eater by creating a collectively lovely piece using coloured pencils. Another student has created a piece that features ducklings, butterflies and delicately shaded spring flowers. This design displays the Easter colours and symbols that remind many people happy memories they have shared with friends and family throughout the years.

Each and every one of these designs individually displays the many aspects of the Easter seasons. These students have truly done a fantastic job at creating an array of festive designs, and it is easy to see the passion and talent that went into every single composition. Without a doubt, these designs radiate the happy feeling that comes along with the celebration of Easter, and are definitely something to be proud of!

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