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Endangered Animals-The Tiger

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Aqsa Cheema, Grade 11

In the twentieth century, there were around 100,000 wild tigers with around 9 subspecies (“Why Are Tigers Endangered? And What Can Be Done to Help”). Today, that number is 3,200 and 5,000 tigers are in captive populations. Tigers are an endangered species, as they have been mistreated and negatively impacted due to illegal trading of tiger parts, hunting, and poaching. People usually like hunting tigers for their features and use them as collections and accessories and sell them for money. In many parts of the world tigers body parts are also used as undeveloped medical practices. It’s generally the tiger's bones, teeth, claws, fur, and bones people are interested in. Forests have been cleared for agriculture purposes for farmers as well as the building of new roads poses serious threats toward tigers. Tigers need a wide land area for their survival as they are known to be very territorial. Due to smaller land areas, tigers can rarely survive as it leads to a higher risk of inbreeding and getting hunted down (World Wildlife Fund). Thus, tigers are forced to leave these areas in search of food and to establish new territories which leads them to human-occupied areas where they are captured and killed and end up for sale. These human activities have led to tigers' habitats being destroyed and an increasing number of deaths. There are around 8,000 tigers that are being held in more than 200 centers in Southeast Asia and three-quarters of these are located in China.

Ways to Help :

There are many ways you can help tigers and other endangered species. First, start by educating yourself about endangered species by using articles online, and doing your research to find out more about them, and understanding what is happening, along with spreading your knowledge about endangered species with friends and family. Donations and raising money towards the cause also help and can be held in communities and events.

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