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Enola Holmes Movie Review

By Sama Al-Saffar

Enola Holmes, starring Millie Bobby Brown, follows the sixteen year-old sister of the famous Sherlock Holmes and her adventures as she tries to find her missing mother. The movie was an instant hit, reaching number one on Netflix on release day and has a rating of 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. This charming film takes us back to 1884 England as Enola Holmes goes off to live life on her own terms and solve the mystery that turned her life around in an instant.

I really enjoyed this movie as I found the idea of Sherlock Holmes having a younger sister very intriguing. I, like many other people, am always in the mood for a good mystery, and this film did not disappoint! The characters were very lovable and kept me entertained throughout with their witty remarks and questionable decisions. Let’s start with the star herself, Enola Holmes. I absolutely adored Enola’s character and how clever and brave she is. The journey of her escaping her brothers and the life they wanted for her kept me interested, not knowing what she was going to pull off next. Her character really developed throughout the film as she went from a girl who knows nothing about the outside world, to a confident young woman, living her life the way she wants to. I also really loved her relationship with Tewksbury, the missing Marquess that ran away from his family and their high expectations. From their first interaction to their last, I thoroughly enjoyed their friendship and their hilarious banter. 

Overall, I absolutely loved this movie and the rollercoaster that it went on. I totally recommend watching Enola Holmes if you haven’t already as it is a truly great film and will leave you wanting more. It leaves a sense of “What’s going to happen next?” and “I need more!”. What would you like to see in a possible sequel?

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