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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About AP Info Night @ BR

By Ishleen Sudan

One of the many merits of Bishop Reding Catholic Secondary School is its Advanced Placement program. From inception in the 2012/2013 school year, it has attracted hundreds of students from the far corners of Milton, as well as various surrounding areas.

In the years since, the school has held an AP Information Night, inviting grade 8 students who are considering Bishop Reding, as well as their families, to learn more about the program and decide whether it is the right fit. This year, AP Information Night was held on November 5. Countless people from Bishop Reding’s feeder schools, as well as all other interested parties, attended an hour and a half long presentation.

The night began with a few remarks from Ms. Castellarin, the school’s vice-principal, and the coordinator of the AP program. She spoke about the benefits of attending Bishop Reding, a school with a uniquely vivacious spirit and tightly-knit community. She also discussed the strengths of the AP program - namely, that it prepares students for the workload of university, and fosters their critical thinking skills. Any student who has taken AP classes can provide a testament to these ideas.

Some of the Leaders in Black at AP Info Night (left to right): Sarim M., Alaida M., and Leo O.

Next, a few students enrolled in the AP program shared their experiences with the curious mass of parents and students. Ethan Abraham, a grade 12 student, said, “In AP, you are surrounded by like-minded individuals who have a passion for learning and a drive to succeed.” This is a benefit that often goes unacknowledged, but is extremely important nonetheless, as the motivation of a student’s peers helps cultivate their own ambition. Aniketh Kothandaraman, also in grade 12, focused on all the skills that a student develops through the AP program, such as perseverance, time-management, and problem-solving. Other student speakers of the night included Shanzey Ali, grade 12, and Natalie Duarte, grade 11.

Ms. Castellarin then provided details about the registration process, which has recently come to include an exam as well as a written application detailing the student’s account of why AP is the ideal fit for them. For those who weren’t in attendance, visit the guidance office to learn more about registering.

At the end of the night, students and parents had the opportunity to approach staff and AP students, and ask questions. A number of Bishop Reding’s AP teachers, as well as school counsellors, were in attendance. The Leaders in Black, the school’s leadership group, helped coordinate the event, and also addressed the inquiries of parents and students alike.

All in all, the night saw a huge turnout and was ultimately a success. There is no doubt that Bishop Reding will welcome a huge number of these students the coming September as eager and bright grade 9s.

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