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Expressions of BR’s Remembrance

Julia Anggala, Grade 11

On November 11th, Bishop Reding students annually hold a Remembrance Day ceremony to remember those who gave their lives fighting during World War I. During this time, students come together in unity wearing our red poppies and joining together in a moment of silence to remember and appreciate the lives of the young men and women, civilians, and all of those affected by World War I. This is how you can be a part of our remembrance ceremony:

The art club of Bishop Reding, run by Ms. Basile, is contributing students’ art works towards the assembly. A collage of the artwork is to be showcased to students throughout the assembly. This art is meant for those to look at and reflect upon the freedom we were given by those who fought. In doing so, Ms. Basile hopes the students' artwork will serve as a lesson that remembering and honouring the past will be a safeguard against repeating it.Your artwork can have several different medias, from painting to crayon to plain pencil or a combination of media on paper. Whatever you feel is the best way to express your reflection to remember.

If you would like to contribute but are lacking inspiration, a good place to start is the poppy. The poppy is a timeless symbol of the sacrifices made by several young soldiers, inspired from the poem, In Flanders Fields by Canadian surgeon John McCrae. It describes the scenery of poppies around the graves of brave soldiers. However, not all works must showcase a poppy; the red poppy’s vibrant colour and circular shape can be interpreted and evolved in a multitude of ways for you to express your own reflections. Start with your own impression of the poppy and see where that takes you!

Up until the end of October, Ms. Basile’s art room (room 223) is open to students looking for feedback on their Remembrance Day artwork. All artwork from students of all grades are welcomed to be showcased during our remembrance.

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