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Fall Room Decor

By Sarah Javed

With fall having just started, it's time you start thinking about how you can decorate your room to match both your needs and an Instagram worthy aesthetic.

To get started, I went on Pinterest and found quite a few pins on various items you could use to stylize your room this fall:

● throw blanket

● candles

● pillows

● printed quotes, art prints, etc.

● string lights or a lamp

● pumpkins

The throw blanket would look great on an armchair or desk chair if you have one in your room. Additionally, it will provide comfort when you are reading some books from your fall reading list. However, if you don't have a chair, you can place it on the edge of your bed, above your pre-existing setup. Some great colour ideas include light or dark brown, a muted orange, or a muted red, whichever works with your current decor. If you have a larger room, you can choose an accent colour such as a bright orange.

Candles are a great addition to any room, and they are quite calming as well. Once again, you can go for something with subtle or vivid packaging. Pumpkin scented candles are great for fall!

Accent and throw pillows are a fabulous way to add a cheerful touch to your bed, the centre of attention in most rooms. To create a minimalist and timeless look, try using two accent pillows with a basic pattern such as gingham and a pumpkin, accent coloured or Halloween themed 12”x24” for a spooky or cute addition!

A smart and budget-friendly way to create an accent wall is to find printable quotes or art prints to put up on a wall. If you don’t have a printer at home, you can always go to a local Staples or library or create your own artwork. I highly recommend making this wall colourful by using accent colours (such as orange, purple, black, and green) to make it stand out, rather than a more subtle look. String lights can surround the art as well.

Finally, pumpkin decoration helps bring you into the Halloween and autumn mood seeing that it is such an iconic symbol for fall. You can keep an orange pumpkin in your room in a corner or on top of a vanity/dresser. If it doesn’t match your theme, you can always find or paint a fake pumpkin in the colour of your choice, like this gold and white charm! Something comfier would be small crochet or yarn pumpkins. These can be put in a small wooden bowl!

Although this article includes many methods to spice up your room this fall, remember to be creative and figure out what works best for you and your space. If you have some extra time on your hands, you can even create some leaf wall decor! If you want more themes and inspiration, this is the Pinterest board I made while writing this article.

Do you have any favourite, budget-friendly places you like to go when you want to update your room's look?

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