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Fall Traditions Around the World

By Audrie Meredith

Around the world, there are so many different traditions and ways to celebrate the fall months. Some of the popular traditions here in Canada are going for hikes, pumpkin carving or eating apple pie! Here are some ways people in the United Kingdom, Kenya and India celebrate!

Guy Fawkes Night/Bonfire & Firework Night • United Kingdom • November 5

Guy Fawkes Night marks the night in 1605 when a group of people set out in attempts to blow up the building of Parliament and kill King James I. Thankfully they were unsuccessful. A member of the scheme got scared on the day of the assassination and sent a letter to Parliament informing them of the deadly plan that was scheduled for that night. The people in the U.K., including the King, were saved. Every year, November 5, is seen as a thankful day for the failed assassination and building destruction that could have destroyed everything. November 5, now referred to as Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night, is an evening spent celebrating with family and friends. Traditionally, people light a bonfire, watch a firework show and eat delicious food. Common snacks include banana smores and chocolate eclairs. This fall tradition holds historical significance and excitement to all United Kingdom citizens!

Mombasa Carnival • Kenya • The month of November

The carnival takes place each year to show people from around the world Kenya’s diverse culture, history and traditions. Mombasa Carnival is a wild, fun, loud experience that takes place in Mombasa Kenya. Dancing, costumes, music and delicious cuisine are crucial elements to the lively carnival experience. Communities join together to celebrate, eat and dance. The carnival takes place throughout the month of November and promotes diversity as it welcomes groups of people worldwide. Traditionally, there are two large parades that are held during the month. Mombasa carnivals are loud, memorable events that truly represent the people of Kenya!

Diwali • India • Depending on the moon: October or November

Diwali, also known as ‘the Festival of Lights’ is a religious holiday in the Hindu, Buddhist and Sikh religions worldwide. Diwali celebrates the fact that light conquers darkness and good is stronger than evil. Bright flowers, coloured sand, sweet treats and candle lighting are all popular holiday traditions. Diwali is celebrated over the course of five days each consisting of different tasks and activities. On the first day, families clean, decorate, buy new clothing and purchase precious items in addition to worshipping the goddess of wealth. The second day consists of lighting diyas while wearing new clothing. The third day is the main celebration of Diwali. Giving gifts, setting off fireworks and lighting candles are traditional ways of spending the day. A small hill is created and worshipped on the fourth day. Lastly, fireworks are set off again and delicious meals are made.

There are other fall traditions that take place around the world, here are some examples, American thanksgiving, Day of the Dead in Mexico, Ghana’s Festival of Yams, and the Moon Festival in China!

What fall tradition will you try this year?

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