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Galentine's Day Festivities!

By Richa Bhandari

It’s that time of year! Yes, when stores are filled with chocolates, flowers, and PDA all around. In a season focused on romance, we need to step back and think about those who’ve got our backs since day one. Make way Valentine’s, because there’s a new holiday here!

Galentine’s day occurs on February 13th, and as the name suggests: a day dedicated to celebrating the best buds in your life. This year’s Galentine’s day falls on a Thursday, and it can be difficult to reserve time in your busy academic life. However, even a simple conversation or activity makes all the difference! The holiday itself was created by NBC’s very own Parks & Recreation. The character of Leslie Knope created the holiday as a way to celebrate all the strong females in her life. Well, so can you! Gather up your gals and show them how much you really care in the following ways:

Grab a Bite!

Spend some time by grabbing a bite to eat! Food and friends are a recipe for a good time, and a great way to catch up on all the things going on in each other’s lives. It doesn’t have to be fancy, as long as you get to sit down and talk, you’re definitely getting in the spirit of Galentine’s day.

Write a Note!

Handwritten notes are the best way to show appreciation for the constants in your life. Not only are they incredibly inexpensive gifts, but they demonstrate thoughtfulness, which is the essence of Galentine’s day. Grab your favourite stationery and calligraphy pen, and get writing!

Watch a Movie!

Yes,  we understand that it’s a Thursday night, and you probably have an assignment due the next day.  However, if you don’t, get ready for a chick-flick marathon! Honestly, any movie will do, as long as you both commentate during every scene and eye-roll at all the cliche moments.


In a busy school year, we often forget to make room for others in our lives. While Galentine’s day may be just another day for you, take the moment to appreciate your friends whether that be on February 13th or any simple day of the year.

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