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Germany! Czech Republic! Switzerland! - March Break and EduTravel Trips 2020

By Camila Morelo

For those who were at the school last year, you would have remembered a representative at a blue table handing out booklets. Those booklets informed interested students about the different Summer and March break trips they could take nationally or internationally, and earn a credit through. However, there was a secret menu item that was not shown on that booklet. This March break trip is not for a course, therefore, there would be no work, but all of the benefits. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then dive right in!

EduTravel is a Canadian travel agency that partners with schools all across Ontario to give students the chance to explore Canada and the rest of the world. Taking any EduTravel trip develops a global perspective, helps students to stand out on post-secondary applications and in future careers, and fosters a sense of confidence.

On the March Break 2020, students will be travelling to three destinations: Germany, Czech Republic, and Switzerland. The trip will span from Thursday the 12th until Sunday the 22nd, lasting a total of ten days. The group will be travelling to various famous and historic landmarks/buildings in the mentioned countries such as the Charles Bridge, Dachau Concentration Camp, and the inspiration for the iconic Disney castle logo, Neuschwanstein Castle. The transportation for this trip will be mainly by coach bus except for the fly in of course.

When it comes to safety, there are a lot of factors that are also included such as the Peace of Mind policy, which indicates that if the tour guide does not feel safe in the location you are heading to, then the group will be relocated to a safer place. The package includes round trip airfare, tour transportation, safe and quality hotels, a full-time bilingual tour director, professional night security, daily breakfast and dinner, and a lot more. Room accommodations will be based on the number of students attending.

The only items that you would be required to bring are spending money, a valid passport and/or travel visa, and the fee for this trip. Although our current 2020 March Break trip is all booked up, stay tuned for any changes and future trips!

The following pictures are from a trip that took place in 2015 during March break. They come from former Bishop Reding student, Carla Molero, during her trip to Spain. The following locations were La Sagrada Familia, a wide shot of Toledo, and Plaza de Cibeles.

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