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Grade 9 Reflection on YOUnity Visits

By Zoya Syed


Grade nine is the year where everything is new and confusing. It’s the time you need the most help. Lucky for us, BR has an amazing team of leaders called YOUnity. YOUnity is a team of grade 11s who are here to mainly help lead us, grade nine, succeed. One of the ways YOUnity helps the grade nines is by doing an activity with them every month. These activities usually give students the opportunity to develop new skills that help them in the long run.

So far in the year there have been two activities. The first, which is my favourite, is the rock-paper-scissors activity. In the game you are trying to beat your classmate so that you can continue on and be the last person standing. The leaders made us play it twice. In the first round when you get out, you’re supposed to cheer on your classmates that are still playing. Whereas in the second round, you are told to sit quietly at your desk. I don't know about the other students, but personally I felt like the first round was more fun. Mainly because everyone was having a fun time and the classroom felt alive.

The reason they split it up like this was to show us that when you have a friend in life, it can impact you because they will be the people who stay with you the longest. This activity made me realize that when we see new people, we have to approach them in a positive way because who knows, they could end up being a new friend.

In the second activity, we were put into groups and are left with a list. On the list there are different items that we might need if we were to go to space. We were told to put the list in order from most important to least important. In our groups, we all talked and tried to convince each other that a certain item is more important than the others. By doing this activity, it helped me learn that when we plan ahead we have a better outcome. By putting those objects in order, it would help me make sure that my group would get the important things and not get lost in space. After both activities my class had a group discussion and in that time we could ask them about and questions that we had.

YOUnity helps to unite the grade nines and make sure that our confusing year turns out to be an amazing year.

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