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By Ishleen Sudan and Ethan Lee

Bishop Reding’s performance of the musical Grease is destined to be something for the history books. It is set in 1959 and follows the journey of ten high school students with lofty ambitions, but questionable means, as they navigate something we can all attest to: the sheer complexity of growing up. The play covers the gang’s many shenanigans throughout the year. “There’s certainly romance. And this is all about testing friendships, and relationships, watching characters like Sandy come from a foreign land and seeing how people are receptive to her,” says Auntie Pat Grisoni, one of two staff members responsible for the production. “In the end, it’s about making the right choices and recognizing the importance of friendship.”

Mr. Sandor, being the other supervisor, discusses why the play is so unique, both in the context of the story and outside of it. He says, “Grease is really a historical piece. It tackles some issues that, while we may not feel their influence today, were very prevalent back in the time period in which the play takes place.” Mr. Sandor and Auntie Pat describe how wonderful it’s been to see students flourish in taking leadership roles, and come together as a team to make the play possible.

The play is a student-led production, and two students who have taken the initiative to bring everything together are Sophia Duarte and Hannah Cain. The team has been working since December, but practice was intensified in February, when the date of performance was fast-approaching. The cast is passionate about what they are doing, and Mr. Sandor describes how it is “nice to see them grow and change, and become a family.” In the same vein, Auntie Pat describes it as a “home away from home.”

Everyone has been working tirelessly to deliver a seamless final product, and it is a testament to the tightly bonded Bishop Reding community that Tech and Art departments have come together to help. The Tech Crew has worked closely with the cast to ensure that all effects are smoothly functioning in time for the performance, and the Art Club has delivered some of the backdrops and props. All in all, it is very much a team effort.

To spice things up, a twist of epic proportions has been added to our school’s version of the play. In true Bishop Reding style, it is unforgettable, and something you will not want to miss! Not only that, but the Bishop Reding players have two different casts of the Pink Ladies! Each of these groups have a different spin on the characters they play, and all these actresses are phenomenal, so if it is possible for you to attend both shows, be sure to do so.

The performance dates are on Thursday, May 23, and Friday, May 24. The play starts at 7:00 pm, but doors open at 6:30. An assortment of yummy snacks, consisting of samosas, popcorn, and pop, will also be available on both nights. Tickets to watch the show of a lifetime are on sale for just $15.45, so purchase, attend and enjoy!

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