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Hackergals in BR

by Jessie Brown

On Wednesday, December 12th, Bishop Reding's STEM Team hosted their first Hackathon Hacker Gal Conference; an initiative to expose younger female students to coding, in hopes of encouraging their postsecondary future in the field of technology and bridging the gender gap.

The event was shared all across Canada with girls ranging from grades six to nine, and there was even a chance to participate in a nation-wide video call, connecting schools province-to-province throughout the day. The theme for this year’s Hackathon was the environment. Students designed coded projects in small groups using the information they learned through a three-week training session. At the end of the day, they were each judged based on a scoring card, and each girl also received a certificate with special badges representing their different strengths throughout the process.

The event was a great success! Thank you to Bishop Reding's STEM Directors, Jessie Brown and Aastha Relan for organizing the event. A big shout out also goes out to all of the STEM instructors, Mr. Mazer, Ms. Brinjak, Ms. Thurner, and the librarians for their support throughout the process. Looking forward to the next one!

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