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Halloween During a Pandemic: Should we push for trick-or-treating this year?

By Yousir Al-Saffar

Many people all around Ontario are wondering what the situation is going to be with Halloween this year due to the Coronavirus. Many questions are being asked like, “Is it going to be cancelled this year?”, “Should kids be sent out to go trick or treating?”, “What is it going to look like this year?”. These questions have yet to be answered.

Until further notice, it has not been announced that Halloween will be cancelled, although Premier Doug Ford does say that he prefers for children not to be sent out this year due to the pandemic, “It just makes me nervous, kids going door-to-door with this, I’d prefer (they) not,” he stated. He does feel bad, though, that it would be skipped since it is a fun tradition. The reason that a statement is yet to be made is because he believes that the situation can change as it has changed in the past. Overall, they have not given up in looking for a way for this amazing celebration to continue, for it would be a shame if it were to be cancelled.

I personally think that it should not be cancelled because people all over Ontario will be losing what could be a great time to spend time with their loved ones. Don’t get me wrong, I am completely aware that there is a virus going around, and that if things get too bad it should get cancelled, but I also think that with a few changes, this day can go on. For example, they should make a mandate that no one should be permitted to go out if not wearing a mask, and that if they are showing any signs of illness, they too should not be able to participate. Another thing that they can do that is if they make it so that not everyone can go out at once but instead split it up into two separate days in which certain neighbourhoods would be able to take part in Halloween. They can also put boundaries so that they limit the chances of too many people going to the same place. Even though this might seem like an awful lot of work to be put into one day (or two), I do think that it is worth it, because imagine how many people would be let down if one of their favourite annual holidays gets cancelled. What do you think? Do you think that going out for halloween is worth the risk, even though it might endanger your safety?

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