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Halloween Night, Horror Night

By Zoha Ali

Halloween is here and what better way to celebrate it other than by diving headfirst into horror movies. Keeping the horror movie tradition alive is important, so instead of wasting time by surfing the web, looking for what to watch, simply look at this article for five horror movies that you’ll surely enjoy.


1. Hereditary:

     Hereditary is a film to watch if you’re ready for mystery solving, to connect with the supernatural, and truly get a taste of lots of carnage. This film is about a family who faces lots of hardships and losses throughout the movie; losses that affect each of the member of the family in a way that you wouldn’t expect, giving this film several twists. Hereditary also shows the relationship of the supernatural and cults, truly making you scared. Critics say that this film is “serious, glorious, and [will] put you at the edge of your seat.” So this Halloween bring your closest friends and hop into the movie, Hereditary.

2. Sinister 2:

     Sinister 2 is a horror film that follows Sinister 1. While being of the same series, it has different storylines of different families still revolving around the mysterious killings that happen in each of the families’ homes. Sinister 2 is about a family with two twins, and dead children haunting their house. These two twins might be twins, but their perspective on the problems caused by these paranormal activities is quite different. Bring your siblings and watch Sinister 2 as this “ bone trembling” film will surely leave you with nightmares.

3. The Human Centipede:

If you're looking for a movie other than one with paranormal activity, and you’re ready for a gruesome scare, then “The Human Centipede” is the film for you. Human Centipede is a film that revolves around the story of two girls meeting a doctor, only the doctor turns out to be the craziest man ever. He plans to make an actual human centipede out of the three people that he captures, through stitching them together. This film might not give you the creepiest of nightmares, but you’ll surely be out of an appetite by the end of it!

4. Coraline:

Coraline is not your typical horror film, but definitely a film that will leave you with a nostalgic and disturbing feeling afterwards. The film follows the story of a girl and her journeys to a parallel world every night. In this parallel world she meets the same people in her actual life, but with good twists - though, the meaning behind the good twists is not so good. Will Coraline choose to stay in the parallel world, where she has to make a big sacrifice, or will she choose her actual world and stay with a boring life? Watch to find out.

5. A Quiet Place:

If you’re someone who enjoys watching movies with extraterrestrials, and you want to explore the horror genre, A Quiet Place is a great place to start. A Quiet Place is about how an alien outbreak causes people to be on the run, or be quiet forever. It specifically looks at how a family tries to survive through all this, with hardships they face - it’s not easy being quiet. Grab your friends and family and watch in silence as you see how this family adapted to the alien outbreak, and if they truly could survive long enough to be saved.

Happy horror watching!

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