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How Eco-Friendly was your Holiday?

By Nabiha Imran and Haniya Kashif

Eco-friendly products or activities do not harm the environment, whether in their production, use, or disposal. You could also start carpooling, gardening, composting, recycling, and much more to help the environment. It is important to preserve nature because the biodiversity of the planet, including the human race, is dependent on our environment to function correctly. Without a healthy natural environment, most life would cease to exist! 

If every family reused at least just two feet of ribbon for gifts, around 38,000 miles of ribbon could be saved and could tie a bow around the entire planet! If every Canadian family wrapped just three presents in reused materials, it would save a lot of paper. There are billions of Christmas cards sold each year, and if we each sent one card less, we would keep many yards of paper. Measure your holiday against these eco-friendly tips to see how environment-friendly you were during your break.

  1. Instead of buying a Christmas tree and then throwing it away after Christmas is over, did you rent one? During January, seven million trees are dumped, to decrease the number or even get rid of it. Make sure to rent a tree next Christmas and help the Earth's Global Warming situation. You can decorate and care for the tree during the time of Christmas, and then the workers will pick it up and replant it in January. This way, we will not be losing trees.

  2. Instead of incandescent lights, did you use LED lights to decorate your tree and house? LEDs are more environmentally friendly because they use 80% less energy. Along with that, they also reduce your bills because these lights use less energy to power.

  3. Did you reduce your food waste? Reducing your food wastes can play a vital role in helping nature. During Christmas, we tend to buy lots of food for all the guests coming over, and when the party's over, we throw away the leftovers. The best and easiest solution to solve this problem is to buy less or freeze your leftovers for the next day. During this time, it is very hard, but many things can help you. Olio is a food waste app to help you reduce all the food you are throwing out. Instead of throwing your food in the garbage, throw it in the green bin or composter! 

  4. Did you use plastic-free wrapping? Most wrapping paper has been dyed, laminated, and mixed with non-paper materials like plastic, which make it non-recyclable. Creative ideas to avoid single-use wrapping are swapping tape for twine or washi tape. Also, using pages from old books, newspapers, older papers, magazines, turning a potato chips packet inside out can all be used as wrapping, using plain and untreated paper, pillowcases. You can use already fallen pine cones or cinnamon quills for decoration.

  5. When shopping for gifts, did you look for durable and reusable items, and resist the latest trending items when at the mall? Think of how many pet rocks, mood rings, and cabbage patch dolls ended up in the landfill in the past years!

These tips are meant to help you reflect on your pleasant and eco-friendly holidays. Make sure to spend any future holidays with the environment in mind. How well did your holiday score on eco-friendliness?

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