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How To Make a Latte on a Budget

by Isabela Jumao-as

Coffee has become an essential part of morning routines around the globe. Going to a fast-food chain for your morning coffee every day can add up to quite a large amount of money, especially when the hefty price tag of specialty coffees are considered.

In order to create a latte, an espresso must be used. The Moka pot is a popular option to make espresso. They can cost anywhere from fifteen dollars to twenty-five. The Moka pot consists of a base, a filter portion, and a top chamber. In order to utilize one, the coffee beans should be ground to a medium-fine size.

First, fill the bottom portion with water.

Next, place the filter on top of the base and fill it with coffee grounds. Do not pack the coffee grounds, which will result in a burnt coffee.

Then, tighten the top chamber onto the rest of the pot and place it on the stove.

Finally, wait until a sputtering noise is heard, and take the pot off of the stove.

Now that the espresso is finished, the last part of a latte is milk. In cafes, lattes usually come with beautiful art drawn on top. Regular, warm milk can be used without having an impact on taste.

In order to make latte art, microfoam must be achieved using a milk frother, available for $10. The milk is warmed to 60 degrees Celcius, which can be done in the microwave.

Then, use the frother to aerate the milk by placing it just below the surface of the milk for 3 seconds.

Next, angle the frother at 45 degrees and hold it deeper under the surface of the milk until all large bubbles disappear. Swirl the milk until the lights are reflected in the milk. Once this is done, latte art can be made by first pouring milk high above the cup until half full then dropping the pitcher near the surface to create the art.

Through following these steps, a great tasting, smooth latte can be achieved at home, without the large sum of money that comes with name brands.

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