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How You Can Model the United Nations

By Jacob Kranjac

Bishop Redding Royals: the biggest, baddest, model club is here. It's M.U.N.

That's right, it is Model United Nations. A club where we hold debates, do research, talk about world issues, and write mock-resolutions - Just like the real United Nations! The club at B.R. meets once a week, where students become delegates and assume the roles of diplomats from countries around the world. Students debate and work together in an attempt to reach solutions to major problems that the world is facing today. Each student is assigned a specific country and committee, and they represent these countries and their opinions during conferences.

Committees debate topics and create model draft resolutions—essentially, lists of rules for countries around the world to follow. This basically mimics the real U.N., but at school!

  • General Assembly – No specific boundaries for topics, though the topics are pre-determined before the conference (so there is a good mix of options/topics).

  • ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council

  • WHO – World Health Organization

  • UNHRC – Human Rights Council

  • UN-Habitat – Human Settlements Programme

  • UNSC – Security Council

  • UNICEF – Children’s Fund

  • UNESCO – Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization

  • Crisis Committee

Meetings will start off by developing important MUN skills and then gradually introduce the rules of procedure. Debate topics will require little research and planning to start off the year, making the debates more opinion-based at the start of the year. This fun, low-work approach will allow everyone to participate and have fun.

A Model U.N. alumni in grade ten encourages you to join, as they believe that this club builds confidence “when public speaking, resolving situations and conflict.” This club can also build “appropriate mannerisms for professional environments [and] another great thing is the three-day overnight trip that allows opportunities for independence and growth.”

If you want to join M.U.N. just follow them on instagram @br_mun and show up to the meetings every Tuesday. Join M.U.N. today!

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