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Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Starbucks Gift Card (Or Any Other Food Gift Card)

Price: Can be personalized

Found: Grocery store gift card selection or at store locations

If there’s one sentiment that every BR student can relate to...it’s raiding the plaza at lunch for food, because let’s be real, teenagers are very hungry creatures. For many (fellow) broke teens, the cost of Starbucks drinks can add up really fast, and so gifting a Starbucks gift card is a fun way to treat someone with a financially guilt-free treat.


Price: $5-20+

Found: Dollarama, Superstore, Walmart, Best Buy

Perhaps the only sentiment that is more relatable than being an insatiable teen is being a phone-deprived one. We all know the dreaded feeling of walking into class in the morning, knowing your phone is probably going to die. Chargers are precious currency, you can leave yours behind in class one morning and find it gone the next. Therefore, a cheaper, fun-coloured one just for use in school is essential.

Warm Crazy Socks

Price: $5-20+

Found: Dollarama, Superstore, Walmart, Clothing Stores

With winter break just around the corner, many of us are in anticipation of cozy afternoons spent watching holiday movies, snacking and chilling on our couches. Warm, patterned socks are a cute way to gift someone some coziness. Additionally, they’re a fun way to personify a uniform and spice up your Civvies look too!

Movie Tickets

Price: $11-25 per person (dependent on location, movie, date and age)

Found: Cineplex

Tickets to a new movie in theatres is a great way to gift a fun time and your company to someone...Plus, it’s a present that you get to reap the benefits for too!

Pro Tip: gift the tickets with popcorn, skittles and other fun movie-themed snacks for an overall cute appearance.

24h Water Bottle

Price: $10+ (dependent on brand, size, store and type)

Found: Superstore, Walmart, Indigo, Starbucks

Adding to our list of relatable classroom anecdotes, another incomparably annoying feeling is walking into class with a lukewarm beverage...insulated water bottles such as the above are a quick fix for this issue and are perfect for summer use too!

Pro Tip: fill the vessel with flavoured water packets or hot chocolate packets and marshmallows if you opt for a mug

Locker Snacks

Price: *Dependent on item*

Store: Dollarama, Superstore, Walmart

Almost all of us at The Royal Register (staff too) can attest firsthand to basically feeling hungry between every period. An easy solution and gift idea for the hungry teenager are quick, no-mess snacks that you can munch on in transition time, such as granola bars, perhaps candy such as skittles, pretzels, nut-free trail mix

*Unscented* Chapstick/Hand Creme

Price: $5+

Found: Superstore, Walmart, Sally’s Beauty Supply, Shoppers Drug Mart, Indigo

EVERYONE (teachers too) suffers from a lack of moisture in the winter time. Anyone would gratefully accept these moisturizing essentials to store in their locker so they can stay fresh and their skin hydrated amidst this cold season.

Of course, no present is complete without a sappy sentimental card! Happy holidays BR!

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