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Levelling up with the Nintendo Club

If you’re looking for the Nintendo Club, they could be found in room 224 after school on Wednesdays. Just follow the startling, thunderous shouts that could be heard from down the hallways.

The Nintendo Club is made up of a dedicated group of BR students who have bonded over their love of not just Nintendo-made video games, but a love for all sorts of video games. While their go-to favourite is the classic Super Mario Smash Bros, members of this group will oft circulate some other gems onto their screens, such as the beloved and nostalgic Sonic the Hedgehog.

Last week, I sat with the club’s president, Jacob Kloet, to ask him about the origins, and other background information about the club that might interest our student body.

J. Kloet & A.Guzy

PELLIZZARI: How did the club come to be? When was it established?

KLOET : This club started around 2017. In my grade 10 year, my friends and I were talking about Super Smash Brothers and we had heard rumours that there was a club that existed for that game, but we weren’t entirely sure. It got us curious, so I took the initiative to start something up. I drew up a proposal and got a pitch ready for the VP; all we needed was an advisor and a room. The week I was finalizing the details, I saw posters that read: “Nintendo Club- on Thursdays”- and I thought, “this is insane!” I was kind of baffled, but I went to check it out. It was exactly what I had envisioned for a Smash Club. It was started by grade 12 students who revived an old club that was also dedicated to the Smash Brothers. [The previous club] was closed down on account of rowdiness and internal conflicts (that’s a whole other story...there was a lot of drama), but I started attending this new club and left my old pitch behind.

There was nothing else quite like it at BR [at the time]. It’s such a great experience being here and getting to meet all of these people that share the same kind of interests as me, and care about these games the same way I did. That was really awesome. Now, the main game we play here is the Super Smash brothers, because that’s something we all have in common. It’s awesome to see how invested everyone in and hear their opinions.

We kept going throughout the year, and then at the end of the last school year, the founders, the grade 12s, [weren’t sure there would be] anyone to continue the legacy. They came up to me and asked, “do you want to continue and keep the train going to ensure the club continues for as long as you’re here?” I said yes, because it was such a great experience. It made my week so much better to meet all these people I definitely never would have met otherwise if it wasn’t for this shared interest.

PELLIZZARI: Everyone needs to feel at home somewhere and it’s nice that this exists.

KLOET: Yes, it’s such a strong community and that’s what I love about it.

PELLIZZARI: What do you do as the club’s president?

KLOET: I make sure everything runs smoothly. There was more work involved than I expected and initially realized. I had to design the posters and have them hung up.

PELLIZZARI: The turnout is amazing! Are you looking to accept more people into the club?

KLOET: Yeah! We’re always open! Although we’re nearing full capacity, but anyone is welcome to come [and join]! There’s no sign-up or commitment required. No tryouts. Come whenever you want. We are a very welcoming community. We have all sorts of consoles here.

PELLIZZARI: What are your top three favourite games of all time?

KLOET: Oh man that’s a hard one! My three favourite games are:

#3- Undertale- it’s such a great game, narratively. It’s extremely well written. It’s a great examination of the kind of silliness of game tropes and how they clash with modern writing. If you are interested in role playing game that defy standards, then definitely play that one.

#2- Sonic 3 and Knuckles. That’s probably the most well defined 2D platform of all time. It’s extremely tight. It took a long time to develop, it took three years. It was written all on assembly. And it shows. It’s extremely well put together.

#1- My favourite game of all time is definitely Super Mario Galaxy. It’s kind of like the developers took what made past 3D Mario games work and 3D aspects and shrink it down into something that’s linear, but something that’s still mechanically solid as all the other stuff they’ve done. I think the theming is super great, the actual music is great, the graphics are amazing for the time, and it’s just an amazing celebration of what makes a video game so great.


When members of the club were asked what their favourite part of Wednesday Nintendo Club were, it was amazing to hear the similarities in their responses:

“Getting to talk to people”

“Spending a lovely couple of minutes with my dearest friends”

“Playing Nintendo with other people”

“I get to hang around people”

“I love hanging with friends”

“I like hanging out and playing games with my friends”

When asked about their favourite video games, these are some of the responses:

Fallout: New Vegas

Little Big Planet 2

Wii Tennis

Modern Warfare

Mario Kart

Pokemon Ultra Sun


Super Smash Brothers Ultimate (for the Switch system)

Fallout (JK- it’s an unspoken, yet official, rule that nobody talks about this game in the club!)

Rainbow 6


Like Jacob, I am thrilled that BR has a group that is not only so united in their passions, but also incredibly fun to hang out with. It’s also a secret relief that a game I enjoyed playing with my brother when we were young is still cool! That means I’m still cool... right?!

Happy Gaming!

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