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Meet the 2021-2022 Student Council!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Danica Caratao and Jillian D’Mello, Grade 10

As you may know, Student Council is a small group of dedicated students chosen through interviews and elections to represent the student body! The various positions contribute to planning events and initiatives throughout the school year, led by the Co-Prime Ministers! One of Council’s notable upcoming events is Halloweek, which will consist of various initiatives throughout the week of October 25th. Stay tuned by following @brscounil on Instagram, and wear your costume on the 29th!

We asked all 13 members a couple questions for a chance to get to know them better: “What do you do on council?”, “What are you most excited for this year?”, and “What's a fun fact about you?”

Thomas Kendall

Grade 12, Co-Prime Minister

I manage the rest of council, stay present in the student eye, and represent BR 25/8, both in-school and out. I'm excited to do some cool end-of-year projects for the seniors, bring back some large events like the Christmas concert, and keep interacting with my fellow students.

Fun fact: I perform Christian Rap in my free time, under the pseudonym of “Chris Cross".

Ragavan Ravendran

Grade 12, Co-Prime Minister

As Co-Prime minister it’s my duty to organize and conduct weekly student council meetings, where I work alongside other members and teacher advisors to plan and execute initiatives throughout the school year. A fun fact about me is that I can juggle 3 apples with my eyes closed.

Danica Caratao

Grade 10, Jr Public Relations Rep.

Hi, I’m Danica. I run the Instagram and Twitter accounts, and make promotional posters, stories and posts, as well as contributing to event and initiative ideas! I also love relating to the public. I’m so excited to (potentially) host in person and events this year! A fun fact about me is that my favourite book is the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica Volume 10.

Shrute Dayalan

Grade 11, Sr. Public Relations Rep.

I’m Shrute Dayalan, I’m the Sr. PR Rep and in grade 11. I run the social media, design the visuals and plan events! I bring up any concerns that are brought to me by the student body and work hard to make this school the year the best possible. Fun fact: I’ve wanted to become a paediatric surgeon, and I've wanted to go into healthcare since I was 4 years old.

Joy Ghaly

Grade 11, Treasurer

As the treasurer, it is my responsibility to work on our finances. From budgeting to creating reports, I take care of all the finances needed to fund all our events and initiatives! I'm excited for all the fun events we’re planning. Even under difficult circumstances, we are still having fun activities for the school to participate in. Just what we need! Fun fact: I have moved to eight different schools!

Jessica Habib

Grade 11, Clubs Liaison

Hey everyone! My name is Jessica, I am so excited to hold the position of Clubs Liaison on Student Council this year. As the Clubs Liaison, my role is to communicate between the Student Council and BR’s clubs and teams. I am looking forward to organizing many fun and interactive events to get to know you all this year. Lastly, one fun fact about me is that I almost burned my house down trying to make popcorn...I know, it’s embarrassing.

Sarah Javed

Grade 10, Secretary

Hi! My name is Sarah. As the secretary of Student Council, I take meeting minutes and take care of some other administrative tasks such as record-keeping. I’m excited to get to work with other members on the council and help plan fun and interesting events! A fun fact about me is that my Harry Potter house is Ravenclaw!

Krisha Gowda

Grade 12, Tech Representative

Hi! My name is Krishna and I am the Tech Rep. One fun fact about me is that I love long distance XC biking. My role is to plan/operate tech related equipment during school events and I am looking forward to hosting numerous in person activities this year!

Grade Representatives:

Kleirstin Asuncion

Grade 11

My role is to represent the gr11s. I’m excited for: the free event shirts (no but I’m mostly excited for getting to actually plan, decorate, and create the events for the school). I’m currently most excited for Halloween, but I’m also excited for the future events. Fun fact: my first name is a combination of the names ‘Claire’ and ‘Christine’

Ava Wynhofen

Grade 11

Hey everyone! My name’s Ava Wynhofen and as grade 11 rep, I represent the voice of BR’s grade eleven students, making sure that their ideas, concerns and opinions are heard and integrated into student councils initiatives. I am excited to make this year as fun as possible no matter the circumstances we are in! A fun fact about me is that I really don’t like peanut butter.

Jillian D’Mello

Grade 10

Hi, my name is Jillian D’Mello and I am one of the grade 10 reps. My job as grade 10 representative is to represent the grade. I am so excited to work with my acquaintances on council to make this year great! A fun fact about me is that my favourite movie is Una - The One: A Fly Fishing Documentary.

Raymond Jarvis

Grade 10

Hi there, my name is Raymond Jarvis, and I am the other 10th grade rep for the 2021/2022 year. This year in Student Council, I am very excited to work on events and activities for you students to enjoy, as well as being a good representative for my grade as a whole. While we 10th graders may have had a disappointing first year at high school, I hope to make up for it with this one. A fun fact about myself is that winter is my favourite season, and that I love to snowboard and ski.

Mayurika Chatterjee

Grade 9

As a grade 9 representative, it’s my responsibility to communicate to the rest of the council any opinions, concerns, or suggestions expressed by my fellow grade 9 students (yep, all 600!). I'm thrilled to be a part of such a fantastic team! I’m so very grateful to be provided with this to meet many new people and form new relationships, and I cannot wait for that! As you can see above, I am not a very good selfie-taker but I am good at dancing, as I have been doing it since I was 4! Another fact about me is that I’ve lived in 7 countries (India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA, Canada and Malaysia)!

Arina Khan

Grade 9

Hi My name is Arina and I am one of the new grade 9 representatives.

I am so excited to be a part of BR’s student council. My job is to represent the voice of the grade 9s here. I want to make everyone’s thoughts, ideas and concerns heard, and everyone to feel comfortable and safe in our community! An interesting fact: I’ve travelled to many places around the world, like Hong Kong and Malaysia. I’m grateful that I got to learn about their amazing cultures, and the beauty of those countries! I hope to travel more as I get older.

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