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Milton CN Intermodal Plan

By Yousir Al-Saffar

On January 21st 2021, the Town of Milton approved CN’s proposal of building a truck-rail hub in Milton. Although the people in Milton do not agree with their decisions as a cause of many negative impacts that this truck rail-hub will bring.

The plan for this truck rail hub is that it will be built on 400 of the 1,200 acres that are already owned by the CN. The trucks in this hub would be moving, going from one place to another 24/7, which would mean that there would be around 1,600 trucks leaving daily. They are planning on developing this hub between this year and 2031 since they still have many other projects to accomplish before the building begins. CN will invest $250 million into building this hub as they believe it will help our economy grow.

Some of the opinions that were voiced about this topic would be the bad impacts it would have on citizens, as well as the environment around it. This truck-rail hub would add and increase traffic. Since it will be moving all day, everyday, a lot of trucks will be in transport, causing a big increase in traffic. This could have an impact on other people on those roads. Another concern would be the pollution that it would cause, which could harm the people living near the hub. There are many residential areas that are close to the soon-to-be hub, including schools, hospitals, care homes, etc. This project would cause air pollution that could potentially harm people, as well as noise pollution. One of the most important concerns would be the impact that this would have on the environment. As I stated earlier, the truck-rail hub will be causing a lot of air pollution, which will have a terrible impact on the environment. It would affect storm water discharge as well as many other things. This would also have a negative impact on employment. Instead of the potential 1,500 jobs that this land would have provided people, there will be only around 130 jobs provided when it is built. These are only some of the impacts that this truck-rail hub will have on our town and many people are hoping that the decision to go on with this plan changes.

So, after many years of trying to get this truck-rail hub built, the Town of Milton approved the request, which to many people was a terrible decision. Although it is believed to help improve our economy, it will undoubtedly also cause a lot of harm.

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