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Milton Public Library Continues to Serve the Community

Libraries are essential community hubs. In addition to connecting people to literary information, libraries connect people. They are gathering places for youth after school, provide games and activities, and host various programming over the course of the week and on weekends. Libraries offer computer classes, enabling older adults to stay engaged in an increasingly digital world, and providing new and interesting information to curious patrons. Community outreach programs often help connect people to resources or programs they normally wouldn’t be involved in.

The Milton Public Library system recently created an Instagram page to assist with its digital outreach. As quoted in the bio, “The Milton Public Library empowers the community to Read. Learn. Create. Connect.” The Instagram page empowers the community to do exactly that; by connecting the Library to the digital world, patrons now have an opportunity to connect with the Milton Public Library via social media. Additionally, teens have a special place on the Instagram page. The library’s very own Teen Advisory Group Committee contributes a series called #TAGtakeovers where they have a new post up every Friday. It features many different things, reads to shots of behind the scenes work in the library, to writing prompts so you can start your own literary adventure! You can visit their Instagram page at @miltonpubliclibrary.

The Sherwood Branch is due to open in Fall of 2019. It is being built on Main Street West and will be a multi-purpose space, including an 11,000 square feet library, aquatic centre, and active living studio. We look forward to seeing how the Milton Public Library system will continue to serve the community and provide great programs for patrons!

(Computerized rendition of the Sherwood Branch).

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