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Milton Youth Awards

Sama A, Grade 11

The Milton Youth Awards are back! This annual event held by the Milton Youth Task Force works to recognize the talents and efforts of young people living in Milton. Individuals and organizations can be nominated in a number of categories, such as Youth Artist of the Year, Community Leadership, Champion for Youth, and much more!

The awards are announced and presented at a celebratory event during National Youth Week which takes place in May. If you’re hoping to nominate someone (or yourself!), here is a list of all the awards and their descriptions:

  1. Community Leadership: Awarded to a youth who shows impressive leadership skills and is actively involved in the community.

  2. Youth Artist of the Year: Awarded to a youth who has used their artistic talents for the benefit of the community.

  3. Youth Athlete of the Year: Awarded to a youth who is active in the sporting community and demonstrates great sportsmanship.

  4. Champion for Youth: Awarded to a youth, business, or organization that works to support and mentor youth (must be 18+).

  5. Youth Eco Warrior: Awarded to a youth who makes a genuine positive impact on the environment and spreads awareness about climate change.

  6. Youth Change-Maker: Awarded to a youth who demonstrates advocacy and awareness for social change.

  7. Great Citizen: Awarded to a youth who performs acts of kindness and commits to selfless acts for the benefit of others.

  8. Outstanding Group of the Year: Awarded to a group that collaborates to make a positive impact on the community.

  9. Youth-Friendly Business of the Year: Awarded to a business who creates a welcoming environment for all youth.

To nominate an individual or a group, fill out this nomination form by the April 10th deadline. For more information, visit the Town of Milton website.

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