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More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About LINK Crew

By Davin Caratao

Bishop Reding is home to many leadership clubs, and sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart. However, the club of our focus today is BR’s Link Crew. Link Crew is one of many leadership groups, amongst Legacy, Leaders in Black, and maybe even some others that don’t start with “L”. Easily distinguishable by their bright purple shirts, these Grade 11s are student leaders focused on maintaining a smooth transition for Grade 9s entering high school.

What is Link Crew?

Link Crew is a club based around that created by an international organization of leadership groups. It is centred around helping new students and has assisted with organizing many events such as the Grade 9 Dance and Cocoa and Cram here at BR.

Who is Link Crew?

Link Crew is comprised of enterprising Grade 11 students at Bishop Reding who wish to be involved in student leadership. Grade 10s signed up for next year's Link Crew team around the beginning of the second semester and will go through an interview process where only the best of the best will be accepted into the club.

Why was Link Crew established?

Link Crew is an institution as old as recorded memory; it was founded sometime during the Mulroney administration by a group of Grade 11 students and teachers in an attempt to mirror the mentorship program of numerous other HCDSB schools. Link Crew teams could be found in other schools across 48 American states and 8 Canadian provinces. Its prerogative is to help Grade 9 students transition comfortably and securely into high school.

What do they do, anyway?

Link Crew oversees and operates many events throughout the school year. Their biggest events are organizing and managing the Grade 9 Orientation in the days before the new school year begins, along with assisting Student Council with the Grade 9 Dance. Throughout the rest of the year, Link Crew members are involved in academic and social follow-ups, as well as everyday interactions with Grade 9 students. For instance, Link Crew leaders will go around checking up on their assigned Grade 9 padawans to see how they are faring in their coursework, and conduct study sessions with Link Crew tutorship near exam-time. Link Crew leaders will also check-in periodically on Grade 9s to see how they are feeling in terms of non-academic adjustment. Link Crew members are always willing and sometimes able to help out Grade 9s with any questions or concerns they might have.

How do I sign up?

Well, first, to sign up for Link Crew, you have to be a current Grade 10 student. If you aren’t ... wait until you’re older or somehow younger. The application process is slightly changed from previous years but they will proceed soon, so stay posted and in anticipation. 50 lucky Grade 10 students will be chosen to be on next year’s Link Crew and will go on to further training and a retreat to a leadership camp. Link Crew is a great experience and a real opportunity to help others and be a leader.

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