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November National Days Calendar

By Gabriella Bonnell

November is a weird month between two big holidays. The spooky Halloween atmosphere dissipates, but it’s too early to get in the Christmas spirit. There’s nothing to celebrate for Canadians and it’s a pretty boring month... or so you thought!

Organizations and companies create National Days to increase interest in their products. For example, we get to kick-off the month with National Calzone Day; founded in 2016 by Minsky’s Pizza to commemorate their 40th anniversary and legendary calzones. Some companies will offer special deals on their products for certain National Days.

Since the creation of social media, hashtags get assigned to the days and online phenomenons start. Or presidents make official proclamations for silly National Days. President Ronald Reagan was notorious for creating National Ice Creams Day, Frozen Food Day and Catfish Day throughout his 4 years in office.

Alternatively, National Days can be rooted in local traditions or town history. Join me in celebrating all these ridiculous National Days throughout the month of November.

Personally, I’m going to be celebrating National French Toast Day on the 28th. Which day are you looking forward to the most?


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