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Poem: We Are All The Same

by Mustafa Siddiqui

Beneath the blanket, we are all the same

Under the skin, we are made of one frame

But many of us don’t realize

that of each other, we have little to despise

We know that God loves all men the same

so what’s stopping us from following in his name?

A united community will pave the way for success

but a divided one will give birth to challenges and distress

It's high time we address the elephant in the room

We should show compassion and love, but instead, we assume

Ask someone their name, and they’ll tell you their story

Give someone a name, and it will lead to anarchy

We must foster a society where no member is marginalized

For their skin tone, no human being should ever be penalized

It is clear as day that change is needed

And if we don’t at least try, we have already conceded

Our diversity is a blessing and it, we must guard

Let’s start by taking small steps in our very own backyard

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