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Snapshots: 2018 Christmas Concert!

With lively performances by BR’s Grade 9/10 Band, Guitar Class, Choir, Vocal Class, Senior Instrumental Class and Concert Band, the night of December 20th was abundant in holiday magic. Surprise visits from BR Music alumni, dancing from children within the audience, puns from teachers and the singing of parents truly showed how music fosters community, uniting us all through the carefree joy and happiness that it brings. If holiday values could be perfectly embodied into an evening, it would be that night.

Faiq, Natalie, Sarah, Jana, and Ingrid anticipating the concert backstage.

Alex and Paige are excited before the show.

A shot of the audience.

Principal O’Grady sharing an opening message before the performances.

The Grade 9 and 10 Junior Band led by Mr. Henriquez.

The Guitar Class led by Ms. Ebos, featuring singers Roxy and Danielle from the Choir.

The BR choir and vocal class lead by Mr. DaSilva.

An image of the treats sold during intermission time.

A shot of the refreshments provided during intermission.

Reema, Nastazja, Anakeeth, Thomas and Maria smile for a photo amidst the intermission.

Jessie and Madeleine sharing a laugh backstage in the music room.

Musical chaos, behind the scenes, in the music room.

A spirited performance by the Concert Band, led by Mr. Henriquez, concluded the night.

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