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Snapshots: Black History Month Presentations

After a month of eye-opening announcements and even a guest speaker, Bishop Reding's Black History Month Committee culminated Black History Month with an amazing presentation that combined the likes of dance, music, visuals, drama and poetry to raise awareness towards the black history and the influence of black culture today. In it's essence, the assembly as a whole was both inspiring and fun!

A slideshow shared important historical info. throughout the presentation!

The emcees during the show.

A performance of traditional African drumming kicked off the presentation.

A spoken word poem performance on the prejudice and discrmination faced by Black people today.

A skit entitled "The Fresh Prince of Bishop Reding" informs of the importance in teaching Black history.

A latin dance performance speaks to importance of latin dancing in Black culture.

A Carribean-inspired dance performance.

A performance of traditional African dance.

A hip hop dance performance.

A big thank you to school administration, Tech Crew, and the Black History Month Club for putting on such an enriching presentation.

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