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Snapshots: BRs Got Talent 2019

With dozens of performers, attended by a large supportive crowd of families and friends, BR’s Got Talent was a massive success! From singing to dancing, many talents were showcased. A crowd favourite was the staff band, with many talented school staff performing. The winning performer was Roxy Amin, with her amazing rendition of “On My Own” from Les Misérables. In second, was Ryan Lieng with an energizing Skrillex drum cover. Equally impressive, Richa Bhandari came third with a mesmerizing traditional Indian dance. BR’s Business Club brought in Krispy Kreme donuts, and had a raffle for tickets to an Alessia Cara concert. The performance was humorously interrupted by technical difficulties, but that’s the Bishop Reding charm. Overall an absolutely delightful show hosted by Bishop Reding’s dedicated Business Club, perfectly showcasing some of our school’s amazing talent.

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